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Just try to read this book. it will give you the best habits.

Probably the most realistic self help book ever made. I generally hate self help books because most of their advice isn't based on real science or reliable advice. But this one, surprisingly works. Very easy to read, very well written, I actually bought it, was worth every penny, would recommend this to anybody, and any business that wants to grow. These principles can be implemented anywhere, even if your company has its own goal system, you can use this with anything. Go to James Clears website, you can learn so much more, and if you really want to give it a go, check out his habit academy, you will learn a very practical step by step program that will help implement his principles exactly to your own life, the book is the theory, the academy is the boot camp.

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#147:P13:: Book Review for James clear ATOMIC HABITS

Some habits which are really good to get into as under:

  1. Early to bed and early to rise.
  2. Drink at least 1 L lukewarm water in the morning.
  3. Go for gratitude to Almighty for everything you have in this life on his guidelines.
  4. More gratitude helps us to get more and more blessings from God.
  5. Pray for God and enjoy your life.
  6. Go for nature’s call.
  7. Do your morning walk, jogging, running and playing indoor or outdoor games for at least 1 to 2 hours.
  8. Sweating two times a day will help you avoid any sickness in your life. You will become more and more energetic.
  9. Do meditation daily for 30 minutes one hour on daily basis.
  10. Respect your parents. Give them full happiness.
  11. Plan well for your breakfast lunch and dinner. Breakfast to be taken very rich along with lunch. Dinner will be taken very lightly.
  12. Food should be chewed at least 32–35 times after every bite.
  13. Try to avoid tea intake.
  14. Water should be consumed at least 3–4 litres daily to get rid of many problems
  15. Avoid phone dependency except for work. No scrolling.
  16. The tv should be seen minimum possible.
  17. Time utilisation should be the best possible as it decides the future of the person.
  18. We should focus on our work.
  19. Bad addictions should be avoided at any cost because these are the progress and future killers.
  20. Love everybody unconditionally.
  21. No backbiting or leg pulling is required for a successful life.
  22. Become lifelong learners so that you can make your brand very well. Learn as many skills as you can do.
  23. Meditation to be carried out without wasting time.
  24. You should be a very good listener.
  25. Your communication skills should be very good.
  26. 1000 steps after lunch & dinner should be good enough for better digestion.
  27. Book reading is must at least 10pages/day for motivational types.
  28. Affirmations, Law of attraction, The secret should be taken practically in our life.
  29. A smile should be there on the face every time. It helps your feel-good factor.
  30. Laughter club activity once or twice will give facial muscles good exercise.
  31. No need to gossip with anyone as it spoils your time.
  32. Behave all in a wonderful way so that you can be loved by one & all.
  33. Be a Positive attitude personality so that you can motivate your team & family members.

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