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Hello friends, blogger here tells that we should be fear less in life to get success,Be fearless in life & give your best.


Let 2021 be the year that you can say you pushed yourself to the limit and did not let fear hold you back.

Fear of being judged by others, self doubt & a lack of support are just a few of the things that try to stop us from reaching our potential.

What I’ve come to realise is that people are going to judge you regardless of what it is that you do. So you should do what you want anyway. No more doubting in your ability or your potential.


Podcast also giving very good message

You are great and you are capable of achieving anything you want. You’re not living your life for anyone else apart from you so step out of your comfort zone and start to work on that thing sitting on your heart.

Let it come forward and propel you to your new level. As you humble yourself in front of the Lord, you will surely be exalted. Let’s not become too comfortable in the same



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Growing up on a farm in rural Australia, I spent countless hours riding the wild brumbies (horses) that came from the rugged Snowy Mountains.

Or should I say, learning how not to fall off. Along the way, I not only became the local barrel race queen, but I learned a powerful lesson for life:

Growth and comfort can’t ride the same horse.

It’s a lesson that holds true for all of life. What we want most will always require embracing discomfort and taking action despite our fear that we’ll fail or fall on our face. 21 Quotes About Failing Fearlessly

In the end, there is no substitute for courage, no shortcut to bravery. To become the person you most need to be and create the life you most yearn to live, you must be willing to do the things that scare you. Again and again and again.

There is no magic formula to forever liberate you from fear. Nor would it serve you if there was. However, there are specific things you can decide to do that will, over time, help you to fear less and reclaim the power that fear too often wields. The seven steps below are from my latest book, Make Your Mark. Practice them daily, and over time you will “train the brave” within you.

1. Own it: Bring your fears into the light.

Fear is wired into our psychological DNA to help us avoid situations that could cause us pain, injury, loss or death. The problem is that while fear exists to keep you safe, it can keep you too safe. It’s why you have to own your fears, lest they own you.

The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung is noted for saying whatever you resist will persist. The things we fail to own and acknowledge about ourselves ultimately find ways of showing and sabotaging our success.

By denying our fear or pushing it away, it buries itself deeper, and its shadow grows longer.

So, confronting the truth about what scares you most is an essential first step towards reclaiming the power it has held over you.


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“Our doubts are traitors, and make us loose we often might win, by fearing to attempt.”

It’s always due to our self-doubt that we feel unconfident and fear. Self-doubt is a feeling of uncertainty about your decision.

When you feel that the activity you are doing is right to achieve your goals as it always holds u back from gripping new opportunities.

Now what is confidence?

Confidence, in simple words, means the presence of mind. You cannot gain confidence overnight.

What u need is practice. Confidence is a skill that needs to be developed. Gather a small audience of our friends and family and deliver a speech in front of them.

Even speak to urself while standing in front of the mirror. The key to confidence and fearlessness is self-trust and self-motivation. Trust urself even though that u will do well and motivate urself enough that you can achieve the skill.

You can use some tips for how to become confident and fearless.

  • Recognize:

To overcome a problem, the first need is to recognize the problem closely. The more closer u observe your problem the higher the probability to overcome it.

  • Stop comparing:

Don’t ever compare ur work with another person. It will make u confuse and u will end up losing ur confidence. Never doubt ur ability by seeing others and this will surely make you more confident.

  • Stop caring about other’s opinion:

U will face so many people who will doubt your ability and make u feel the same. So just ignore and forget that type of people and concentrate on ur goal.

  • Read inspirational books:

Reading some good books will make u realize your potential. Read some optimistic content and be positive.

  • Meditation:

Meditation can be a great technique for gaining and boosting ur self-confidence and will surely eliminate ur self-doubt and ur fear.

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