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Transformation in Lockdown

5 things I request everyone to focus on first and foremost IN THIS LOCKDOWN!I will be covering all 5 topics in coming days.Just do it & enjoy your life. I can not say how many advantages/benefits you will get. Guys just try . #yoga #breathing #happiness #motivation #healthiswealth 1) Breath; – Completed & Mailed 2) Chew 40 […]

#192S::5 Easy and Quick things to tranform your life in Lockdown period

Young blogger has given wonderful tips on breathing & healthy exercises.

The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Breath Meditation

Why are breathing exercises important?

Is deep breathing good for health?

Is deep breathing good for your brain?

How long should you do deep breathing exercises?

Being human, we forget the wonder of breathing. We take it for granted. It takes a health crisis or bad air quality for us to appreciate this basic, yet profound ability.

Yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques all depend on focusing on the breath. There are many benefits of meditation and proper breathing is an important part of learning how to calm the mind and body.

The first thing to consider is how well you care for your body and lungs. Basic guidance is to do the following:

The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Breath Meditation

Meditation practitioners for thousands of years have known that befriending one’s breath keeps the mind and body healthy. It also is good for living a more peaceful life. Scientists have been working to translate these ancient practices for today’s world. From very practical stress reduction to exploring one’s emotions, programs are being developed to meet contemporary problems.

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