How to make Unstoppable personality?

Blog will tell us How we can make our Unstoppable personality?Our Solid will ,dedication & commitment will make us strong. #personality #motivation #unstoppable #dedication We want to do something special in our life. But how we can do it? Can we do it alone? Yes, how we can do it ourselves? We have to be […]

#186:How to make your Unstoppable personality?

How much we need improvement in our personality?

We have to make turnaround in our personality. We love great personality like PM Modi, SONIAGandhi,Putin,Nelson Mandela,Abdul kàlàm Azad, bolliwood starts like Dharminder,Tony Robins, Coach Bsr, Sandeep Maheshwari,Eric Thomas. Jeff bezoz, Jack maa,

We need to control ourself otherwise chances of failure increase. We need to improve our personality on war level.

What we need to improve our personality? We need to talk, focus study, starting immediate, start introduction, communication skills, avoid stage fear.

If not taking action then we will be a big failure. Tell me whom you love more with Mother or Papa? Very peculiar query.

You have to be hungry to improve our personality. Aur parents want us to be a rockstar.

We need to do too much work on ourselves. Can we increase our great personality with any medicine.

What we expect possibilities in our next 10 years?

May be top Speaker, International Speaker with Tony Robbins,number of schools, engineering college.We need these expectations possibilities in 5 yrs in place of 10 yrs. Book writing.

Today we have internet & social media facilities . We càn connect with all world with in no time.

Over all habits, focus, attitude will have to be changed.We can improve every year in some areas. But we need focussed wish for becoming best like Sachin,Viràt,Rohit.

But they started at very early age. We should know method of introduction, eating habits,interview tricks,attitude,dreams,time management, communication skills, health improvement,

We need to upgrade our skills . Whinnied high level commitment with our self and our teacher.

Self realisation is must.Relationship improves when it is on the brink divorce. Shopkeeper has changed his mentality to give tough fight with malls .

See the job security these days not good as few years back. See the competition in mobile players.

Training system has changed. Lot of changes have occurred. We have to invest on each side of personality.We need to improve .

We need to improve on daily basis. We can see the personality variation in 10000 army person and 10 crore earning person.

We cannot have more money than our personality. Personality outside & in has to be improved. Depending on our shelf we have to improve it in 60-90 days. Rest depends on our commitment.

1.How to introduce with our friends,top brass bussiness?

2. Confidence building

3. Communication skills

4. Goal settings process: persons can achieve their goals are not 100% achievers. Good process is must.

5.Mindset development & programming

6. Effective Decision making is must.We need to have book reading habits.Wifi, laptop is not available in maximum indian society. How learning process can get speed.

But we will have gold,big TV set, Washing machine,music system & spend lavishly on marriage.

English speaking is also most sought skill.But we can learn if we have commitments.

How can I be truly unstoppable?

What makes a person relentless?

How can I develop my personality?

What are the 4 types of personality?

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