Stay positive in Covid-19

The Author has motivational tips while staying in homes for safety during Covid-19 lockdown. We have to be positive in attitude to get good going. You can sharpen your multi skills.

I have started Blogging,Podcasting, technical updation of my profession, Books reading, Yoga, weightloss & harmony among family members & friends. Today is my Podcast number18 […]

#207:P18:How to stay positive in Covid-19 Lockdown

NEW DELHI: The cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the country has crossed 46.72 crore, the Union health ministry said on Saturday.
On the 197th day of the countrywide vaccination drive, a total of 53,72,302 vaccine doses were administered — 38,22,241 beneficiaries vaccinated for the first dose and 15,50,061 for the second dose — according to a provisional report compiled at 7 pm.
The cumulative vaccination coverage of 46,72,59,775 doses is segregated based on the population priority groups, the ministry said.
It said 27,90,366 beneficiaries in the age group of 18-44 years received the first dose and 4,98,407 were administered the second dose of the vaccine on Saturday.

Read all the latest updates on COVID-19 here

😊आपको निराश होने की जरूरत नहीं है😊
सब-कुछ” लॉक-डाउन नहीं हुआ !!

“सूरज” की किरणें कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“मां” का प्यार कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“परिवार” का साथ कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“सीखने” की कला कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“पशु-पक्षी” का प्यार कहां लॉक-डाउन है। !!

“उम्मीद” की किरण कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“मानवता” कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“बच्चो” का प्यार कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“फूलो” की सुगंध कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“रसोई” मां की कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“हंसना” सब का “मुस्कुराना” कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“भगवान” की प्रार्थना कहां लॉक-डाउन है !!

“अच्छे” और सात्विक विचार कहां लॉक डाउन हैं !!

वो तो जरा हम “वक्त” के पहिए से “घूमे” जा रहे थे !!

तो जरा “थम” कर सोचने का “मौका” मिला है !!

ए”इंसान” कमाने की “होड़” में लगा है !

जरा कुछ “पल” सांस ले-ले !

कुछ “अपनों” को तो कुछ “अपने” लिए भी जीले !!!

कोई “परेशानी” अपने साथ बहुत कुछ “अच्छा” भी लाती है !

और “बहुत” कुछ “सिखा”कर भी “जाती” है !

तो जरा “पल-भर” ठहरो आत्म-चिंतन करो !!

और “आने-वाले” सुखद समय की “प्रतीक्षा” और “स्वागत” करो !!

आप सभी सुरक्षित रहे स्वस्थ रहें यही ईश्वर से मंगलकामना हैं
मास्क पहने, सुरक्षित रहे, घर में रहे🙏

But staying in can be just as fun and productive as going out, with these tips to keep boredom at bay during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  1. Call your Family and friends. …
  2. Clear out your wardrobe. …
  3. Give yourself a manicure. …
  4. Read a book. …
  5. TV. …
  6. Do a crossword/Sudoku. …
  7. Make a photo album/back up your phone pictures. …
  8. Plant some flowers.

Given that social distancing and staying at home has become a norm, parents are wondering how to juggle home schooling, household chores, office work and last but not the least, how to ensure that they spend enough time with the kids, and engage them in meaningful activities. Don”t fret, here”s some inspo for you guys!

But before we get there, create a routine or daily schedule, while you chart out their studies, make sure you involve them in all chores. This will instill a sense of responsibility, and it will enhance their sense of control.

Doodle Away: Let the Walls be their Canvas
Don’t stop your kids from doodling on the walls. On the contrary, let them unleash their creativity. Even better, give them a theme, watch them translate their thoughts into cute little doodles and sketches. Don’t just be a spectator, delve right in.

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In addition to its unparalleled washability, it abates unpleasant smell/ odour from within the house and also imparts a fresh fragrance to the interior environment.

23 activities to keep you busy when you’re stuck at home

 Dec 15, 2020, 4:48 PM   

Ways to keep busy during quarantine  4x3

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  • Months into the coronavirus pandemic, things are still not under control.
  • Now that winter is here, the best thing you can do is continue to stay inside and limit social interaction. 
  • Knowing that you’re no longer a stranger to being stuck at home, our guide includes 23 fun and unique ways to keep busy, whether you want to be relaxed, creative, productive, or entertained. 

Months after the coronavirus first emerged in the US, it’s still, unfortunately, not under control.

The fall and winter seasons could be the most challenging times of the entire pandemic, but pandemic fatigue is also real and setting in. The novel restlessness, stress, and boredom that you may have felt in March and April are novel no longer, making it more difficult to stay at home all the time.

Popular Reviews

Still, the best way you can help yourself, your loved ones, and your community is to limit your interactions with other people and avoid indoor gatherings and establishments.

If you’ve already exhausted the classic quarantine pastimes of doing puzzles and baking bread, we’ve come up with 23 new ways to pass time at home. They include creative pursuits, entertaining activities, and productive personal development. 

Insider Reviews’ ultimate guide to keeping busy:

A picture of a switch and lightbulb

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Get inspired in the kitchen and brush up on basic cooking skills

Get reinspired in the kitchen 4x3

Feeling the burnout of cooking for months on end? You’re not alone. We asked food experts how they continue to feel inspired in the kitchen, and they said you should try wandering your local farmers market safely, using a new spice, and speeding up the cooking process with small appliances

Read the following to help you get back in the kitchen:

You can also try going back to the basics. Whether you want to hunker down and master basic skills, like how to make an omelet and cook the perfect steak, or make your way methodically through every single page of an essential cookbook, you finally have the time to do it now. 

See if you have these cooking skills down: 

Here are reviews of and links to our favorite places to shop for cookware, if you realize the pots, pans, and knives you’re using right now aren’t up to par. 

Join a virtual experience

virtual food and travel experiences 2

In place of in-person events, many businesses now offer virtual experiences to teach you new skills, bring you to cool places, and connect you to people all around the world. The pro of a virtual experience is that it’s usually cheaper than a normal event. These are some of our favorites: 

Clean out your closet — and donate to those in need while you’re at it


With ThredUp’s clean-out programs, you can clear out your closet without having to leave your house.  

Whether you choose to receive back money or donate your clothes, the site takes care of all of the work — all you have to do is fill the prepaid shipping bag, then send it back via FedEx or USPS. Read more about how it works

PFI Newsletter Decision Making 4x3

We know, revisiting your savings accounts and financial plans doesn’t incite the same excitement as having a dance party or baking dessert. But it’s never a bad idea to know where you stand financially and plan for the future, with or without a pandemic. The resources from our Personal Finance team will help: 

Donate to an organization supporting communities affected by the coronavirus


Use Charity Navigator to find vetted organizations that are providing medical supplies, food, educational support, and other resources to the people that need it the most right now. 

Meanwhile, these brands are running coronavirus-related donation initiatives: 

Move your body and perfect your home gym set up

Using Peloton

Creating an at-home gym doesn’t require fancy equipment. In fact, there are plenty of effective full-body workouts that use only your body weight. But, while you’re stuck at home, now may also be the best time to start your own home gym if that’s something you’ve been thinking about.

Find the best guide for your favorite form of exercise below. 

If you’re someone who likes group studio classes but can’t attend in-person sessions due to gym closures, there are still ways to get your sweat in within a “group” setting:

In case you need to rethink your workout clothes, which will conveniently double as very comfortable work-from-home wear, we also have you covered:

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