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How bloggers can be best friends fastly. TODAY crossed 1136+ friends My motive here is to inspire everyone how bloggers can help each other to grow .

I m learner from heart. I want to learn at each step of my life that is the core strength of my personality.

Bloggers platform can you give us lot of understanding between each other which can help all all and create win win situation.

Our all bloggers brothers can tell how we can take advantage of this platform.

All can write in comment box for their suggestions.

#180:How bloggers can be best friends fastly. TODAY crossed 1006+ friends

Reason is that in our network there will be abundance of knowledge on various topics. #119:P02:Yoga daily best for our health #85RB 257::Meditation is key to success,मेडिटेशन सफलता के […]

#180:How bloggers can be best friends fastly. TODAY crossed 1006+ friends

How do I make friends on Blogger?

How can I get followers fast on Blogger?

How do you attract people to your blog?

How can a blogger stand out?


Bloggers need other bloggers. If you’re really wanting to dive into all that blogging has for you, you need to get involved in the blogging community and make blog friends.

Just like any friendship, blog friendships don’t happen overnight. They take time to create and form, just like “in real life” friendships do. After joining some Facebook groups when I got serious about blogging, I started making friends with some pretty amazing people. From commenting on each other’s posts and finding out how much we have in common, it’s seriously so neat to see how many friends I’ve made all because of blogging.

It’s important to make friends with other bloggers because like I said, bloggers need other bloggers. Most of our friends and family who are not bloggers don’t totally “get” what we do all of the time and sometimes that can make us grow encouraged. When you have friends who are also bloggers themselves, you already have an instant connection and understanding between each other. You share the same passion and that’s huge in a friendship!

Since I’m such an advocate for bloggers to make blog friends, I thought that I’d share some tips with you on how to do that. I’m also going to share some of my own stories on how I made some of my closest blog friends that I have today!


  1. Facebook Groups For Bloggers – Many of the initial connections and conversations that I’ve had with other bloggers have happened in Facebook Groups. There are TONS of blogging groups on Facebook where you can network and connect with others. Some of my favorites are linked in THIS blog post!
  2. Twitter – I know, I know… not many bloggers enjoy Twitter but it’s one of the best places that I’ve met blog friends. Twitter is so down-to-earth when you use it for more than just promoting blog posts. You can meet so many like-minded bloggers from Twitter.
  3. Instagram – Instagram seems to be a favorite of most people looking for blog friends. I have connected with some local bloggers because of Instagram!
  4. Blog Conferences & Events – If you have some blog conferences or events that are local to you – totally go! I don’t live in an area where much happens in the blogging community (mountain problems, haha) but I have been to other events for general creatives and they were great for connecting. I can’t wait to go to some blogger conferences!

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Here are the 5 things you should do to turn blog strangers into friends, and keep them coming back.

1. Orientation for Your Blog
Your first-time blog visitors are unfamiliar with your site design, navigation, structure, and other proclivities. That’s why it’s so critically important to have clear and consistent way-finding mechanisms throughout your blog.

Remember that in addition to being first-timers, many of your blog visitors don’t come in through the front door, either. In fact, just 15% of the visitors to this blog start their journey at The rest of you come in the back door or through the metaphorical window, beginning your session on a specific blog post or other page. Remember that EVERY page on your blog could be the “home” page, so it’s imperative that your branding remain consistent, that you use a tagline to explain what your blog is about, and that you use state indicators to cue visitors as to where they are in the site structure.

State Indicator – Turns orange when you’re in that section

2. Humanize Your Blog
Remember, it’s a blog not a white paper, and a key differentiator is personality. Show your first-time visitors who you are (literally and figuratively).

Include a photo of yourself on every page, and if it’s a group written blog, include photos of each author. Make links to your bio easy to find. And infuse your writing with personality and voice. (If your writing sounds like someone could be saying it to you face-to-face, you have a strong sense of “voice” in your posts)

It also doesn’t hurt to mix in a video post now and again, or to make a video post available on every page, as I do over there on the right hand side.

3. Add Context to Your Blog
Sure, you’ll give first-time visitors an idea of what the blog is about via the title or tagline, but how else can you help them go deeper? Remember that your likelihood of a first-time visitor coming back goes up the more content they consume on that first visit. The “one and done” visitors are probably going to drink your beer and run over your mailbox on the way out, never to return again.

So, make sure first-time visitors can access other content that may be of interest, convincing them that perhaps they should make a return trip. That’s why I recommend the “Similar Posts” plug-in below, and why I suggest you list recent posts and popular posts prominently on both the right side and bottom of every page.

Also, don’t be afraid to link to other posts or resources from within your posts. Not in an obnoxious way, but if you’ve written other stuff that expands on the subject at hand, link away. (Incidentally, these internal links are also a SEO positive)

4. Add Calls to Action to Your Blog
Other than hopefully come back again, what do you want your first-time readers to do? You MUST ask and answer this question, and develop appropriate calls to action accordingly.

If your blog is consistent enough that you believe RSS subscription is realistic, make sure visitors can easily subscribe to your RSS feed. (As mentioned in my post about blog success metrics, if you cover a very wide topical area, subscriptions are less likely).

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