Live without Limits

Bloggers wants to tell that our life is wonderful when we have to live it without limits.

NLP अर्थात Neuro Linguistic Programming आज के समय की बेहद प्रभावी तकनीकों का समन्वय है जिसके द्वारा अपनी कमियों पर काबू पाकर व्यक्तित्व विकास और बिजनेस विकास कर सकते हैं

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Only 1% are with happiness.Rest are having depression, procrastination, struggle, failure anixity

We need to make the life happier free from all problems with our mind control say NLP.

We are having five forms of wealth

Current state is financial state to desired state. We are living our current state.

2nd life is Health without any illness to desired best health mission.

3rd is Relationship state to best performance state 10Level

4th life is currently service or business level to best conditions desired level.

5th life is our mental (will power) and emotional ( anger or love)

Current state to desired state bridge is NLP(Neurolistic linguistic programme) techniques.

NLP neurology or nervous system

Linguistic Languages we

Programming- mental patterns
80 billion neurons control with energetic  60 trillion cells as action.

When we wake up in morning with feeling that I will conquer this world. It is the action potential by the neurones to control 60 trillion action.

Enough action potential is required.This is done by healing action.

Neurons some time come in the state of comfort zone. Neurones create resistance.

Dreamer is always see dreams. Critique creates delay in action.self doubt is creative.It stops action plan.

Realist always plan.But we need to take critique into confidence.

I cannot do it it is just a voice in our head.Procrastination is also same from our head.

Some people have work but do not get success. Neurology wise having the things loading of the mind.

How silent able to stop the neurologistic resistance. Is no use of the world news with more confident attitude.

New parties with most important for the producers motivation body functions

Linguistic gives 3 levels communicating with your tone and only 7% is happening with your words.Shoulder,neck & spine also too much. So what is going on in your heart reflex in your eyes .

Motivational speaker next straight spine straight chest fully open then you are best speaker.

Even waiters behave differently with different  people.

When we say I love you it gives different mean by mother, wife, father & relatives . Tonality give different meanings.

Parents use different tonality for their kids. 38% is indicated by tonality.

Start talking at the age of 4 to end of our life. How to speak it is most important in life.

Smile also communicates too much.

Positive, negative & relative are very important points to understand.

Self self talk is best.present self is overpowered by future self. Self Communication will help

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