#180:How bloggers can be best friends fastly

My motive here is to inspire everyone how bloggers can help each other to grow .Reason is that in our network there will be abundance of knowledge on various topics. #bloggers #love #friendship #shareknowledge Waiting more comments & suggestions please We can have some webinar on one’s expertise if it suits good to all. I […]

#180:How bloggers can be best friends fastly

People feel it.

I think we fear competition most because our work is so personal to us – especially as bloggers. When we’ve put so much love and hard work into our products and services it’s too easy to fall into a sense of insecurity when we see another blogger doing the same thing and being more.

“successful” with it. We start to fear that our work isn’t good enough. We worry that we’ll never reach the level of success that our competitors are at.


I thought, for a bit, that I should really title this post ‘How To Network With Bloggers’ – because, you know, SEO and what not.

But the word ‘networking’ feels intimidating and overwhelming and slightly gross.  Eating subpar appetizers while someone shoves their business card in my face and shrieks their elevator pitch?  No.  Sharing super useful advice/client referrals/traffic/cream cheese wontons with someone who I connect with, like, AS A HUMAN BEING?  Yes.

Really?  Networking is mostly just making friends.  And if you approach it as such (and think about what you can bring to the table, rather than what you can get from an interaction) you’ll be befriending bloggers left, right, and all over Twitter.

If there are any bloggers you’d like to collaborate with/pitch/take to coffee, here are a few things that you should do before you drop into their inbox.


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