How can you find satisfaction in your life?

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He is having 40 years wide experience In textile industry. Just go through the given links & enjoy.

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I want to help everyone with my motivational tips & my experience. Just see guys, I have started 2 YouTube channels 3 years back.
I have started blogging, although 2nd try & written 650+blogs in the last 9 months with 2 blogs/Reblog per day to see my capacity for writing speed. Now I will reduce blogs.

Podcast, I have done 132 episodes on motivational tips & Health in the last 6 months. Jogging about 5 km in a week to 10 days.

Motivational sessions on or off in the company have been done record say 10–15 meetings in a day sometimes for motivàtion & self development.

Love all with a selfless attitude. Diet control to keep better fitness. More we are fit more service you can do to mankind. Self-belief is rocking. What else you want?

I have read around 40+ motivational books & a lot of seminars & webinars have attended. I have also done around 18 motivational webinars for my people in last 5 months.

I have made my website Motivational Tips+Veg. Recipes Blogs.I have a full energetic way of working. Handling 12 hours for our factory & dealing with 1200 persons & Operations.

When we are helping all, loving, motivating all then what else you want after death? But made the intention that you are living 20–25 years more. When you do good to all then God also gives blessings to you. Now learning digital Marketing courses to improve blogging & website.

All the best guys. Believe in Almighty & go for the best version of yourself. Do not compete with anyone except yourself. I did a lot of tasks during COVID-19 homestay to be safe. Fully satisfied with parents, family members, and friends love & affection. The main target is to give motivation level to all.

We have to have a very positive mindset. We can do anything. The main advantage when you are positive, then you love all & in turn, get benefits from Almighty.

When you are in love with all then you are bound to energetic. You should know that you are a born winner. All the best.

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