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Gujarati Kadhi With Milk And Mint Recipe

Gujarati Kadhi With Milk And Mint is slightly different from the everday kadhi, as milk and mint is added extra to give it a nice flavour. Serve this Kadhi along with Gujarati Undhiyu and Methi Thepla for a weekday lunch or dinner.

Sheetal Bhatt

Sheetal Bhatt

Kadhi is very popular when it comes to Gujarati cuisine. Considered to be light and refreshing, it is a permanent fixture on the menu during festive meals, special occasions and celebrations. If I had to describe this Kadhi in one sentence it would be ‘Gujarati Kadhi, malai maarke’. It is rich in flavour and offers a different experience altogether. 

Just the addition of two ingredients that are otherwise never added makes Gujarati Kadhi With Milk And Mint simple yet indulging dish. What makes it stand apart is the addition of clotted cream (malai) and milk to make the Kadhi rich, creamy and mellow in taste.

The flavours of malai and milk do not become very pronounced or loud but it lends the kadhi a subtle richness and mellow taste. Another inclusion is of mint leaves which is otherwise never added to the Kadhi. Addition of mint gives it a refreshing taste.

Serve Gujarati Kadhi With Milk And Mint along with Gujarati Undhiyu and Methi Thepla for a weekday lunch or dinner.

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Cuisine: Gujarati Recipes

Course: Dinner

Diet: Vegetarian

Equipments Used: Hard Anodised Kadai (Wok), Tadka Pan (Seasoning Pan)

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