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Be rich & happy from within by your action

Be rich & happy from within

With the car parked on the road, I got on to the bus. But seeing the crowd inside, I was scared. There was no place to sit. At that moment, a seat became vacant. The next person could have easily occupied it. Instead he offered me that seat.

Next stop. Same thing happened. Again he gave his seat to another person. I was observing him… this happened for four times in our entire bus journey. The man looked tired, he must have been going home after his job. In last stop, we all got off. Out of curiosity I spoke to him.

Asked why you were giving your seat to another every time ?? The interesting answer he gave was
I haven’t studied at all or have much money. I have nothing to give, neither knowledge, nor money. This is the only thing which I can do for others, easily. So I do this everyday.

Though working for all the day, ‌ I can still stand for a little longer. When I gave you the seat, you said thank you. I felt very happy. I believe I’m contributing to the best of my abilities. Doing something for someone, is the great source of satisfaction for me. So I do this everyday and go home refreshed & happily.

I was shocked to hear the answer. His thought and understanding. Why say uneducated? Wanting to do something for someone completely unknown & on a daily basis is the ultimate learning. He taught me a lesson today. I started to examine myself by bowing down in front of him. How easy it is to be rich from within ? God must have taught this angel this splendid lesson..

Moral :
Beautiful clothes, tons of bank balance, best of Cars, best of mobiles or accessories & luxuries, may or may not make you rich and happy; but a simple art of giving is enough to make you feel rich & happy everyday.

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