Podcast onTextile Journey

Textile industry is superb industry who is giving maximum jobs to the people. We all know that how important is our garments.

May it be any age ladies gents kids old age people everyone needs good garments.

For knowing much details just listen my wonderful episode on my textile journey with technological changes all the period of 40 years.

I love you all for your wonderful support. India China Bangladesh Pakistan Vietnam Turkey are the best textile Nations.

The complete the demand of whole world. Manufacturing cost in India Bangladesh is quite low. Quality wise India is best. India it selfish very good consumer of its own products.

I have made some good videos podcasts on textiles you can refer for your requirement.

My videos and podcast are very helpful to young generation specially who are linked with textile field.

During 2000 there was not so much on internet. Now everything is available over there. Technological changes have given good spot to Industry owners for reducing their manufacturing cost and making best quality products.



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