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My 1st Blog on my Nana’s website By Sanvi

Hi all, today I am going to write about my morning walk at my native. Early in the morning, my sister came to wake me up around 6:00 am.

Later, I drank a cup of lukewarm water and went for a short walk on the terrace. Around 7:00 am my Nana and my younger sister we three got ready to play tennis.

Before leaving my Nani gave me 2 tiffins, 1 basketball, 3 ball packs, and 2 rackets. Don’t ask why we took 2 tiffins? It will be explained later in my first guest blog…

We first fed the cows and then we sat in the car, my nana had this mischievous smile on his face. He said in a low and funny tone saying that we should not tell Nani about where we were going!

We were puzzled about the secret. I am telling you that even if I tell you the view of the place through this blog, you can still feel that you are there. As soon as we opened the door we were like statue because, you can see such a view very rarely!

A really beautiful river flowing and heading towards north, a bridge standing in between, there were fishes swimming, mountain ranges had surrounded the view and sun was just rising and very less fog… We then went down the bridge to see the river even closely.

As soon as we came close to the river I, asked my Nana that why the road under the bridge is broken? He replied that at the monsoon season it rained so heavily that the entire place was flooded at least 8-9 feet from the road. We were definitely not expecting this answer! Okay so the next thing that we did was that we saw 4 caught fishes.

A teen and an uncle they both were catching fishes. The teen caught 2 mini fishes and they were alive we even touched them they were sticky; and the uncle caught 2 big fishes which weighed around 2 or 3 kg but unfortunately they were dead.

So, later we went to play tennis but as a warm up we went for a big round but you all know that my sister came along so she got really tired and decided to go on half round and on the way we saw a bench which had names of our great grandmother and his young brother bittu nana which was given for charity by our family for sitting!

We saw many sports over there the park had many trees too. As soon as, we completed warm up we went to tennis court and set up everything. Later, we started playing tennis.

I missed first few shots, after sometime I gave very hard shots where the ball flew really high and even 3 times the ball even went out of the court. Later I started giving fine shots and even served properly.

My sister was collecting the ball and gave it to us and she liked doing that!

We became tired and that’s when we hopped into the car and cooled ourselves. Of course, now we were hungry so we headed to Rajasthani style Poha and jalebi wale uncle.

(This place where we used our tiffin’s) My nana got packed some Jalebi and Poha. When we reached home the plates were set and my Nani said “What took you all so long?” then there was a moment silence we looked at each other face and laughed. My Nani smiled and asked that “why are you all laughing?”

And replied together “a really long story.” Then we had our breakfast and told about our morning walk story… 

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