Hopefully you have enjoyed wonderful Delhi metro ride before Covid-19

A success story despite the obstaclesThis is commendable and indicates that people prefer to take the metro over other means of public transport. … The Delhi Metro has made a laudable attempt at reducing these emissions. The efforts of the DMRC has led to a reduction of 57,000 t CO2 E greenhouse gas emissions per day.

Delhi Metro to ply 21 more trains for cleaner air - Mail Today News

New Delhi, the capital of our incredible India has metro which was once called the heart of Delhi. A state with a 1.9 crore population came up with metro, a mode of transportation that accommodated more than 1.5 million passengers per day, and still, the numbers are rising as the Delhi metro spread more across Delhi NCR.

Delhi metro gave an affordable option with nominal fares to each citizen. Delhi metro stations are well equipped considering all age groups and handicaps with various options of lift, stairs, escalators, etc. There’s an international look given to stations and staff placed after little distances to help the travelers. Cleanliness is taken care of at Delhi metro stations and so is the security.

With all of these comforts and luxuries that Delhi metro provided, it became a go-to option for travelers in Delhi. To avoid the traffic on roads, to avoid the parking issues faced, people started giving preference to Delhi Metro and soon Delhi Metro became the most convenient option for travelers here. But soon it started to be known for its crowded coaches.

Today, as the situations have changed a lot with the outbreak of the Covid 19 Pandemic, one of the biggest changes faced by citizens of Delhi is the shutting down of Delhi Metro.

The Delhi Metro has been shut for 4 months now and there’s no information on when it will start its operations again. Gradually all the other offices have been starting and the need for the mode of transport is increasing. The capacity of passengers offered by Metro is unmatchable by any other mode of transport.

Social Distancing norms have to be adhered to since the spreading of the pandemic is still not near to over. Following the social distancing guidelines, it would be difficult for the citizens to travel in the metro but so is traveling without it becoming difficult with each coming day.

Delhi is a widely spread state area wise with a large population. Since offices are operating, many people have to travel from their homes to offices. The distance at times is large and so they require an affordable option for commuting.

The Delhi metro posed to be a convenient option and safe for girls too. It gave an alternative to traveling by roads filled with traffic and pollution and hence, it became a popular option. In today’s situation, operating the metro again will involve overcoming too many challenges.

This was from the commuters’ point of view. Talking about the shop owners, retailers who had their stores in Delhi Metro stations, their income has also been affected badly in this time of shut down.

Not just the store owners, talking about DMRC itself, there is a certain fixed cost they have to bear which they have to incur irrespective of whether they’re receiving revenues or not.

Hence taking the micro as well as macro-level into consideration, shutting down of Delhi Metro has been of disadvantage for all of its stakeholders. But it would be wrong to take Covid 19 lightly! The virus spreads from one person to another easily and so bringing too many people in contact with each other in the metro involves its share of major risks. The situation requires the government to consider all the factors and make an informed decision. Too many employees involved in daily operations is another factor to be considered.

One solution can be to start at a smaller scale with little capacity and a minimum number of employees.

Any solution the government may think of will require more effort and consciousness from the end of citizens. The need for the hour is we behaving as responsible citizens of our country and not just leaving everything to the authorities. We need not just rely on the guidelines but also take as many safety measures as we can as it is not just about us but also about our loved ones, family, friends, and all our fellow citizens. It’s high time that we behave in a manner to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe.

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