Jorney of a Engineer from Small village to expertise in E-commerce

The domestic textiles and apparel industry contributes 2.3% to India’s GDP, 7% of the country’s manufacturing production and 13% of the country’s export earnings. The textiles and apparel industry in India is the second-largest employer in the country providing employment to 45 million people.

Dear all my self Ravikant Kaushik from bhiwani Haryana I have 3 year diploma in textile design from government polytechnic institute hisar & 1 year computer diploma from RICT bawani khera.

I have 3 year experience e-commerce website like how to listing on Snapdeal , Amazon , ShopClues, limeroad,eBay .in Jabong ext.

How to process the order and increase online sales from the Portal’s. How to packing a customer order and how to make combo of two products, three product and four product. Little Knowledge of Photoshop.
Also I have 3 year experience as a fabric merchandiser.

To get the order from customer & execuite the same
➢To get approval from customer & share with Lab & production team
➢To get the greige (knitting) status day to day
➢To follow up with grey/dyeing/finishing /QC/dispatch
➢To get the payment follow –up with buyer
➢To Making PO in ERP according to buyer PO
➢ Knowledge of Printing.

Planning for a Garments factory making about 2000-3000 pieces per day.

India is having expertise in garment manufacturing. We have state-of-art very good machines in India. Quality wise India is leading in front row.

Fabric handled_ knits Interlock, Cotton S/J, Pique , Rib, Viscose , , Fleece , Jacquard , Lycra S/J , Lycra Pique ,brushed & Un￾Brushed Fleece , Waffle ,yarn dyed fabric ext.

[16/07, 8:32 am] Vikki2:

03.06.20 fitness


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[17/07, 5:10 pm] Vikki2: Digital Marketing:
Digital marketing is the use of the Internet to reach consumers. Digital marketing is a broad field, including attracting customers via email, content marketing, search platforms, social media, and more.
Digital marketing is a really interesting topic of the day. We need to excel in this world of competition. I am a learner of anything where I have passion.

I am learning digital marketing for the last 3 years although slowly. Examples are as under:

  1. I have written an EBOOK of 46 pages & live on Amazon kindle about 10 days back. Digital has helped me to sell it in 12 countries & India.
  2. I have started Podcast on Anchor app. Till date I have made 82 Episodes on motivational messages from 4 minutes to 12 minutes. It is again going live in the whole world.
  3. I have started blogging on 4 months back. Luckily I have been able to make 545 followers in 4.5 months with
  4. website made by me. I am satisfied that daily I have learned something new. I am now concentrating on SEO, Affiliate marketing, better content writing
  5. I know blogging will be giving monetary benefits after one year provided if we go ahead passionately.
  6. Digitally I have made around 450 blogs in the last 4.5 months. I am enjoying it.
  7. I have started 2.5 years back two YouTube channels one is motivational tips, Vlogs & technology messages 200+ videos
  8. The second one of my wife on Vegetarian cooking recipes videos 350+
  9. We are learning digital marketing with Margdarshan Guru by webinars in COVID-19 days from our homes only.
  10. I am a motivational speaker & educate people for motivation, fitness, weight loss, book writing, Parenting, Time management
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    Kindle eBook Links:

US and all other Countries:

Regards, V.K. ChaudhryB.Text. MBA (marketing)

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