How we can have more focus on any work?

Blogger ,Youtuber, Podcaster, Author of wonderful book live on Amazon LIVE YOUR LIFE is telling tips on How we can have more focus on any work?

  1. Keep your body in top shape. Your brain needs oxygen and a fit and healthy immune system just like the rest of your body. Stay fit and your mind will stay fit. You should not worry about anything which is not in your control.
  2. Drink a lot of water & eat healthy. 20% of what you put into your body gets used by the brain, even though it only weighs about 2% of your body-weight it uses 20% of the energy.
  3. Make more connections. You cannot build more network you can make more connections with existing friends. This means you need to link as many pieces of information as you can to stabilize new information in your brain-network.
  4. Use your senses as triggers. When you work/study in the same location, listening to the same music or smelling the same things you will have an easier time remembering what you did the next time because your senses link up with information very well.
  5. After so many years in Textiles industry I am able to analyse what we can do for particular required quality & problems.
  6. Practice Concentration. Removing all the distractions and then working for as long as you can, always pushing yourself to work a little bit longer each day will get you practiced in staying concentrated for longer periods of time.
  7. This is possible when you practice daily meditation for fix interval.
  8. Get uncomfortable. Solve the problem. Go outside your comfort zone and then solve the situation. Example: Talk some strangers a day. You will get into some peculiar conversations → that is your problem to solve! This will get you to think outside your box and in new ways, strengthening your creative problem-solving capabilities.
  9. Read more. The more information you have the easier it is to solve new problems. Very intelligent people are intelligent not because they know one detail very in depth, but instead because they know that one detail and everything surrounding it, how it interacts with other pieces of information, what it does in certain situations, etc. I have read about 40 books in last3 years. It Changed my way of thought process
  10. One task at a time. Your brain cannot multi-task. Multi-tasking is switching between two different tasks rapidly, but you cannot do two at the same time.
  11. Maximize the utility of your brain by going one thing at a time.we are having Miraculous personality. So have self belief and self confidence , you are a born winner. Definitely you are going to win.
  12. Do not compare yourself with anybody.
  13. You are a special character and you can do any damn thing.

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[17/07, 5:10 pm] Vkchaudhry: Digital Marketing:
Digital marketing is the use of the Internet to reach consumers. Digital marketing is a broad field, including attracting customers via email, content marketing, search platforms, social media, and more.
Digital marketing is a really interesting topic of the day. We need to excel in this world of competition. I am a learner of anything where I have passion.

I am learning digital marketing for the last 3 years although slowly. Examples are as under:

  1. I have written an EBOOK of 46 pages & live on Amazon kindle about 10 days back. Digital has helped me to sell it in 12 countries & India.
  2. I have started Podcast on Anchor app. Till date I have made 82 Episodes on motivational messages from 4 minutes to 12 minutes. It is again going live in the whole world.
  3. I have started blogging on 4 months back. Luckily I have been able to make 545 followers in 4.5 months with
  4. website made by me. I am satisfied that daily I have learned something new. I am now concentrating on SEO, Affiliate marketing, better content writing
  5. I know blogging will be giving monetary benefits after one year provided if we go ahead passionately.
  6. Digitally I have made around 450 blogs in the last 4.5 months. I am enjoying it.
  7. I have started 2.5 years back two YouTube channels one is motivational tips, Vlogs & technology messages 200+ videos
  8. The second one of my wife on Vegetarian cooking recipes videos 350+
  9. We are learning digital marketing with Margdarshan Guru by webinars in COVID-19 days from our homes only.
  10. I am a motivational speaker & educate people for motivation, fitness, weight loss, book writing, Parenting, Time management
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