How to avoid road accidents? हम सडकों के एक्सीडेंट कैसे बचाएँ

Hi friends we have to take care while driving or even walking on the road to save our life. It has been blogged well by in How to avoid Road accidents?

Road accidents have become very common nowadays. As more people are buying automobiles, the incidence of road accidents is increasing day by day.

Also, people have become more careless now. Many people do not follow traffic rules. There are different modes of transport, especially in large cities. In addition, roads are becoming narrower and cities become more populous. Thus, road accidents are bound to happen.

road accident: 400 deaths a day are forcing India to take car safety  seriously - The Economic Times

You pick up a newspaper, TV Headlines and you will get at least one or two news stories about road accidents daily. They cause loss of material as well as life. People need to be more careful when on the road, no matter what mode of transport you are from.

Even pedestrians are not safe due to the increase in these incidents. Everyday people see the accidents in the news, from relatives and even with their eyes.

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How can we stop road accidents?

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How can accidents be avoided?


Key facts

  • Approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes.
  • The2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has set an ambitious target of halving the global number of deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes by 2020.
  • Road traffic crashes cost most countries 3% of their gross domestic product.
  • More than half of all road traffic deaths are among vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.
  • 93% of the world’s fatalities on the roads occur in low- and middle-income countries, even though these countries have approximately 60% of the world’s vehicles.
  • Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5-29 years.

Traffic collisions in India are a major source of deaths, injuries and property damage every year. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2016 report states there were 496,762 roads, railways and railway crossing-related traffic collisions in 2015.[2] Of these, road collisions accounted for 464,674 collisions which caused 148,707 traffic-related deaths in India.[2] The three highest total number of fatalities were reported in Uttar PradeshMaharashtra and Tamil Nadu, and together they accounted for about 33% of total Indian traffic fatalities in 2015.[2] Adjusted for 182.45 million vehicles[note 2] and its 1.31 billion population, India reported a traffic collision rate of about 0.8 per 1000 vehicles in 2015 compared to 0.9 per 1000 vehicles in 2012, and an 11.35 fatality rate per 100,000 people in 2015.[2] According to Gururaj, the top three highest traffic fatality rates per 100,000 people in 2005 were reported by Tamil Nadu, Goa and Haryana, with a male:female fatality ratio of about 5:1.[4] The reported total fatality, rates per 100,000 people and the regional variation of traffic collisions per 100,000 people varies by source. For example, Rahul Goel in 2018 reports an India-wide average fatality rate of 11.6 per 100,000 people and Goa to be the state with the highest fatality rate.[5]

According to the 2013 global survey of traffic collisions by the UN World Health Organization, India suffered a road fatality rate of 16.6 per 100,000 people in 2013.[6] India’s average traffic collision fatality rate was similar to the world average rate of 17.4 deaths per 100,000 people, less than the low-income countries which averaged 24.1 deaths per 100,000, and higher than the high-income countries which reported the lowest average rate of 9.2 deaths per 100,000 in 2013.[7] [8]

How can we prevent road accidents essay?
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road accidents are happening mainly due to the careless attitude of the driver. Sometimes they are not able to control the speed. Sometimes they drink too much.
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Once I was witness to a road accident, the festival was returning home from shopping. I was with my father and it was around 6 o’clock in the evening. In the middle of the road, we saw a crowd surrounded by something.

We were not quite sure that the first thought that came to our mind was that it was probably a fight between two men. However, when we reached the spot, we came to know that there was an accident.

After that, we came to know the full story. A man was crossing the road when a truck hit him severely injuring him. The man was lying on the ground with blood and people were calling an ambulance.

We immediately called the ambulance but time was running out. Therefore, an auto driver took the man in his auto and took him to the hospital.

Subsequently, police arrived as people caught the driver and were beating him. After the police arrived, they caught the driver and asked him about the incident. Later, we came to know that the driver was drunk. The police detained him and took him to the hospital for deposition.

Fortunately, the driver was declared out of danger. Doctors dressed his wounds.

That incident made me realize how precious our lives are.

Road accidents kill 382 in India every day – 1,682 times more than terrorism

Every Day, 400 People Are Killed In Road Accidents In India, Shows Government Data

Road accidents in India kill more than 2 lakh people: WHO

We have to avoid road accidents at any cost. This is sheer setback to families & country. In 2018, India had 467,044 reported road accidents, an increase of 0.5% from 464,910 in 2017, according to the road ministry’s data. India has 1% of the world’s vehicles but accounts for 6% of the world’s road traffic accidents, according to data from a 2018 World Health Organization report.

Road accidents are one of the biggest cause of deaths on Indian roads. As per media statistics, in India one person is killed in a road accident every four minutes. The causes for India’s exceptionally high number of on road casualties include – bad road, careless user behavior, defective road design and engineering, poor enforcement of traffic rules and the lack of rapid trauma care.

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 (MVA), the only act that governs the road safety in India, has proved ineffective in addressing any of the aforementioned issues decisively. The road safety is still not seen as a priority issue in the country.

1,317 Accidents And 413 Deaths On Indian Roads Each Day In 2016



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