#247:How to control your life?


Hi guys, we have to love our life from the core of our heart. Then & only then we will be successful. We have to keep self-belief. We can do wonders in life. Blogger has given his detailed thoughts on How to control your life ?

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. –Charles R. Swindoll

To be very successful in life we should make small dreams like:

  • Financial
  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Spirituality
  • Entertainment
Don't Let Your Ego Take Control Of Your Life - YouTube

Every person has above dreams & review time to time about each point. We try to make each point as a dream. We should enjoy small points & should not waste energy. Biggest time waste is having no dreams or casual approach.

 We can consider if any of the above points are not in good shape then that is sheer energy loss. Like we have good relationship at home then no energy loss.

We have to understand how that there is one circle of concern which is having all points which are not related to him/her. It may be like politics, health of spouse, health of children, parents health, entertainment, Bollywood status

Then comes smaller circle of influence. Here only self-control points will be covered. Like if my wife do not want to go for morning walk or table-tennis playing then why we should force. Circle of influence is that we should care for our-self only. Slowly slowly we should wait for right time.

Similarly we are after our kids all the time. We should allow them for their wish in working or taking decision. We can only suggest but these days parent decide what he/she will be in future.

Bigger the size of Circle of influence bigger will be the happiness & satisfaction.

Biggest tycoons of the world work on circle of influence only.We can improve our all dreams once we focus on the given dreams.

Stress should not be there in life

We cannot get benefit if we do overthinking.


Our mind is magnet. It can attract anything good or bad. We have to be spiritual thinker. One becomes positive with happy mind. Happy persons love happy persons & unhappy like themselves.

To be happy & less stressful we should try not to stop communication.

Blame game, complaints should be stopped. Appreciation is best weapon to set everything right. We need to review our thinking pattern.

We should concentrate to self- improvement. Things will be changing with our mental attitude change. We can see recently we are passing through a very bad patch in life. Whole world is stagnated. See how top 10 countries of the world have fallen prey to COVID-19 pandemic. We have lost more than 2.5 lacks of people’s lives.

India is very low in expenditure on health. But till date going much better than those top economic countries of the world. Our people take slow start but now they have understood the importance of staying home &stay safe. Social distancing & hand washing & using sanitizer at right moment is the need of the hour. Lockdown has given many good things for learning.

See no family has stayed for such long period at home that too without official work. Every member of house have one thing In mind that we have to win against Corona virus.

Blogger himself has learnt good yoga, digital marketing, blogging, book reading & Podcasting 29 episodes in last 45 days. Met 400+ new followers on blogging. www.wondertips777.com

We should be good stress handler. Simple thinking about any incidence of our life, or family matter. Can we have any control on that incidence?

NO Stress if you can control then Do it or control it

No Stress  if you cannot control it then accept it

Other main point of happiness is that we should give to all if not money at least good behaviour, education, love, affection. By giving we get more & more in return. The author is ready to give good suggestions, motivation to all near & dear ones so that if one is getting his never give up attitude, character wise good personality, not near depression & lifts his/her spirits up then my purpose is well served.

See the examples of Bill gates, Macdonald chief, Warren buffet who do philanthropy. Some take countries poor people responsibility & some take polio drops, some help weaker sections.

Happy man is always successful. Blogger is trying to give maximum by his tips to all concerned.



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