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#222:Book Review of Many lives, Many Masters

Blogger could get time to read this book . Really good insight about Reincarnation of souls. When book was started it was looking slow. But then it went like a movie. How Dr.Weiss did research work on reincarnation with his patient.

It was all new area to me. Everyone feel like it.Dr Weiss has given detailed study & his observations for soul changing clothes one after another. One can learn reality of life. Catherene changed many bodys in long years. Speciality of book is the how incarnation is remembered by this special soul.

The Author has not forced anything rather he has given his experience. After reading this book & yesterdays books review ( clearly told that one should love all with selfless attitude. There should not be comparison, hatred, ego,negativity , physical mind use over subconscious mind, revenge, anger in the world. I felt that we are seeing a movie in a theatre. We should try to make changes in our life.

Try to read this book whenever you feel free. I really enjoyed these books.This book is in 40 languages.Sometimes you may feel the waves of boredom when many times same step of some soule time is seen for observation.

I have read in about recommendations. Very good site indeed.There I saw people are reading more than 500books a year. See how speedily they are reading.

I have already written one book. You all have given top honours by more than 500+ reads in 20 days. .

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