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#206:Beetroot cutlet recipe || How to make beetroot cutlet || #GTK

Beetroot cutlet recipes –I have seen collection of 15 Indian beetroot recipes which includes side dishes, sabzis and sweets. Goldystastefulkitchen has presented super video of tasty cutlets

beetroots are rich in iron, calcium and minerals and there are various ways you can include them in your meals.

Carrots and beetroots often make an appearance in our menu. Apart from preparing the recipes listed below, I also add beetroots to Pulaos or mix veg dishes. With beetroots the color of the dish that you prepare changes to a nice pink to crimson red tone, depending on the ingredients used in the recipe. So the food looks very colorful and appealing to the eyes.


1) Beetroot (boiled) – 1 grated; 2) Boiled medium size potato (grated) – 2; 3) Salt – as per taste; 4) Corn flour – 2 to 3 tbsp; 5) Oil – for frying; 6) Khaskhas – 2 tbsp; 7) Chat Masala – 1/4 tsp; #BeetrootCutlet#GoldysTastefulKitchen#Beetroot#Cutlet#Lockdown#MakeAtHome#LockdownDishes#Tasty#HowTo#DIY#Homemade#Cooking#ILikeCooking#ILoveCooking#Kitchen#Learn#IndianRecipe#Youtube#YoutubeIndia

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