#188:True story,Oh, my God Biggest snake in my car

The Blogger tried to tell in given blog that we should take utmost care before sitting in driver shat. This Biggest snake was sitting near brake & clutch area

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Hello friends, I cannot believe that a 6-7 feet Cobra can go inside a car. Most thrilling & surprising thing was that due to lockdown, I started my car only 4 days back to give engine some running. I was thinking for last 2 days to restart again .I was asked not to do by my wife saying you have run car only 5 days back.

        Yesterday night around 7.30pm, when I was blogging than my neighbours gave call to see from where foul smell is coming. I went & opened my car.

   I suddenly jumped in fear to see a big snake inside. Light was not much so saw with my mobile flash. Still not clear, then 5-6 flashes we could see that a big snake was giving foul smell. Our security guard took Dead snake out with his long stick. Then it was seen about 7 feet long cobra was no more.

I was stunned for 3-4 hours to imagine how it came inside .He could enter from some place but could not find way out. Due to lockdown & temperature touching around 39-40degree.Snake could not survive & started decomposing.

Telling story here, my main aim is that one should see beneath vehicle if something sitting or inside before sitting on seat will reduce major accidents. It would have been fatal if it would have been alive. Normally I have not heard for snake. Yes, I have seen Mouse normally in cars. Anyway would see possibility from which part it might have entered. But all will be done after lockdown is completed you all also take care. Say at home stay safe from Corona virus.

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  1. Oh god horrifying.😱😱😰
    We should be very cautious.
    I will share this post to all my friends and relatives.
    So that it will be alarming for them.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. I don’t think cobras live in this area, but this reminds me of the time my husband and I were driving through the desert, stopped for lunch en-route, and as we returned to our car, noticed an empty coke can moving. There was a lizard in it. Hubby decided to take it home to our creature-loving little daughter. On the drive home, the lizard escaped out of the can and disappeared in the car. We couldn’t find it.
    A week later, the lizard showed up in the dar. Said little girl trapped it with a glass jar, and it became only one of many creatures living with our family.