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#186:How to make your Unstoppable personality?

Blog will tell us How we can make our Unstoppable personality?Our Solid will ,dedication & commitment will make us strong.

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We want to do something special in our life. But how we can do it? Can we do it alone? Yes, how we can do it ourselves? We have to be a wonderful leader. We have to be motivated all the time with full energy. But how you will do it?

1.       We have to be a Very strong in public speaking;

2.       We have wonderful personality;

3.       We should have good English accent and writing capabilities;

4.       We have to make our working environment;

We have to complete above 4 points in one year, fix your target & set your goals. I have spent my life hard working on the shop floor. But you can make it BIG even in young age easily. It is as they say for investing, the sooner you begin the more rewards/returns you reap. Do not hesitate to begin? And we should not think what people are saying.

To make it

·         We will take help of momentum. It should not be broken at all;

·         Big Goals commitment yearly: Big goals make strong personality;

·         We should Target time period;

·         We have to review time to time along the journey;

·         We should take responsibility in each field. WE should take initiatives. Take more challenges in small time;

·         Commitment BFP(It matters too much) Vs KFP( What is the difference) strategy to become best in his profession;

·         Practice, Practice, Practice only to give glow to your personality;

Main point is why should feel so depressed that we cannot become unstoppable? So we have to see that we are always in positive frame of mind. We are positive then we can do any damn thing.

I am only 58 yrs. old but feel like a 24 years old guy. It is all psychology, your own thinking what age you feel?  I have seen 24 years young guys as 80 years old person & on the other side seen 80 years old will be as a 24 years old like me. Age is just a number. Two years back, I have started my two YouTube channels. I did yoga, excelled in my profession where I am having 1200 persons in my organisation. I am leading them from the front. I have written a book. Was part of a public speaking engagement. This is giving me my motivated team leaders. It depends on our thinking. See Tony Robins how he is jumping at 60 yrs. of age. His dashing style.

So dear friends I want you to have super self-esteem which will give you self-branding. I have started blogging to help my some friends who need these blogs to uplift their motivation level. You can do what you love & have passion. We have to be best in profession, love, affection, business. It all depends on your attitude.

As we have heard “No body can make you happy or nobody can make you sad. It is your mental attitude which makes you happy or sad.”

Just see we have lot of big guns in fray like Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma, Les Brown, Sandeep Maheshwari, Vivek Bindra and so many more. Everyone is giving motivational trainings. Why do we need it? Because in cut throat competition, we need to come out of routine life & excel in performance.

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