#146:P12: Start giving water & food to birds & animals in summer

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Help Birds this summer | Jivdaya Trust

birds enjoying water

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: P-12. Start giving water & food to birds & animals https://anchor.fm/virender-chaudhry/episodes/P-12-Start-giving-water–food-to-birds–animals-ech4uq


We are seeing that the temperature has started going up. We are staying at home. We can start one nice task to give water & food to birds & animals. It will be a very good gesture of goodwill & humanity. This cause will be wonderful & the almighty is seeing it & may bless you any fine day.

We can keep water on our balcony, rooftop or nearby our home.I am doing this for last so many years. We have kept a water container of about 100litres for cows & dogs on our society gate. You will feel inner satisfaction.

We all know that it is so hot in the Summer season. Some parts of the country have very high temperatures. The temperature keeps on fluctuating and more often the temperature is on a rise in Summer. We have fans and air conditioners at our places to beat the temperature. We often have cold drinks, cold water or juice in order to maintain our body temperature. Even if there is a shortage of water or cut off in water supply, we find one or the other source to get water. Water is so important in life. In summer, water resources like lakes or rivers either dries up or contain little water. Though many techniques have been devised to conserve water it is also our responsibility to ensure proper use of water.

No life can exist without water. We are so busy with our scheduled lifestyle that we are not able to do much for society and nature. However, what little we can do in Summer is to keep water for birds and animals outside our houses or offices and shops. I have often seen people placing water outside in a container from where birds and animals can drink water. We all can follow this and it would be a good deed and also we will be helping our environment. These animals and birds are part of our life cycle and are known to cause the important process of recycling. They are our co-beings.


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