#111::How to become stronger in life,अपने आप को मजबूत कैसे बनाए #wondertips

We need to be stronger in life to reach top of the sky. I remember one saying from a Seminar about 21 yrs back


No out side agency can disturb you. We need to be more energetic & confident to get to the best productivity in life.Following specific points will help you understand better .


Better, Faster, Stronger: 5 Ways To Use Navy SEAL Training In Your Lifeelitedaily.com

    1. Wakeup at 5am
    2. Drink lukewarm water about 1 litre in 5-10 minutes with sips

    I thank my God,Almighty, My guru for another wonderful day

    I prey god for welfare of everyone. Ask him to care for me & all near & dear ones.

    • Positive affirmations like
    • I am best motivational speaker
    • I am best technician
    • I love everyone selfishness
    • I am best Blogger,YouTuber, author
    • I am best energetic person
    • I am giving my best tips to my team
    • I am best leader
    • I take best care for my relations in family
    • I am best friend
    • I give best in my company
    • I am angel, Farishta of Almighty

    This I am repeating 6 times before going to bed & same time after wakeup.

    • Then I go for freshening up.
    • I do some stretching exercises. Then start for Morning walk & Yoga for about 1.5 hrs to 2 hours.
    • Then Lemon water 200 ml in hot water.
    • After 30 minutes taking bath & then Breakfast.
    • I spend about one hour on social media.
    • Then write blog for 2 hrs.
    • Read book 50-60 pages daily
    • Share some time in helping wife
    • Call to all distant relations on cell
    • Lunch around 1 pm
    • Book reading
    • Meditation
    • Some news for 30 min.
    • Talk with some friends
    • Water of one glass after 2 hrs
    • No use of oily
    • Evening exercises 30-45 minutes
    • Technical write-up study
    • Social media about 1 hour
    • Evening fruits, oranges, watermelon, cucumber
    • Blog writing article or blog tips reading
    • Dinner 7 pm
    • Come out of your comfort zone
    • Do not gossip
    • Love your parents from the core of your heart
    • Evening roaming in house for 1000-1200 steps reading
    • Old memories discussions with wife
    • Go to bed by 10-10.30pm
    • Again affirmations & sleep
    • Next day starts
  1. I stopped talking to my friends because I suspected that It won’t end well.
  2. I stopped crying on small things after 10th
  3. I stopped arguing with my parents
  4. I cried during my sister wedding and yes it made me.. 
  5. I started moving on from people whether they are friends, love or crush .
  6. I started doing things out of my comfort zone and yes it made me strong https://www.european-business.com/portraits/eleiko-group-ab/stronger-in-sports-and-in-life
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