How to live life wonderfully? अपनी जिंदगी को शानदार तरीके से जिएं #wondertips

Blogger has tried to tell that life is really wonderful in his latest blog.How to live life wonderfully?

He wants to tell that life should be used to become welfare master for the masses. You can do great welfare for the mankind.

Life does not mean that you live it only for yourself. You have to live your life for others.

Just see the example of our Lovely parents, they were a Happy newly married couple. After getting their first child they become only welfare master. They loved their child from heart and soul.

Every type of care they are taking for their children just to see them a great success in life.

What is theme of this life? Parents grow older and older as the time passes. Their children also become young. Parents do rituals like marriage after education & successful start of their career.

Here comes the twist, children get married and start new life with their partners. Slowly slowly children become busy in their own lives.

After marriage daughter goes to another new house of her husband. Son gets involved in his family, service & business.

Life cycle continues to run with the time but in some particular method. Parents are waiting for their children’s life progress. Some common family tasks are carried out with everybody’s participation.

Here comes new picture of family. Children become self dependent and think that parents care is not their responsibility. Here I want to mention one thing very clearly that in true sense children should not think much about it.It is truth.

But this type of attitude is rarely seen of some kids. But I tell you dear friends, there is always good scope of understanding in between family members. When parents can take care of their children then why children should not take care for their parents?.

In Indian culture if this small thing is not understood by any family member then there are no words to give thought for such a person. These type of personalities should see this, very categorically, if same thing happens with their own parents what will happen

Friends here telling the peculiar cases of some families where brides don’t care for their in-laws. So guys don’t be disturbed but this type of cases give jolt to the life.

This type of nature causes society to get disturbed. But here I will ask my friends, lovely parents who had been lovely couple in their life that they should not care for such kind of children.

Friends never give up in life. Don’t giveup in life on merit. God is there to help everyone. Fight it out in your life you are a born winner so don’t worry about anybody.

You are most welcome to ask any type of question in comment box.

I have given you here special case. There are very good families in our country. I also belong to such undivided family. Live together love together and share happy and sad moments together. This is life my dear friends.

My advice to all my friends do not spend single second of our life in depressed mood. As you all know overthinking is always creating problems. Don’t worry because worry cannot avoid you for problems you will have to fight like a fighter.

All the best for your friends life is for enjoyment enjoy every moment and give love and affection each and everyone in your life.

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