Improve your focus,concentration

  • Delete Instagram, snapchat right now ( who just use it to scroll all the time)
  • Don’t watch TV, instead do something productive.
  • Become 5am club member
  • Give gratitude to Almighty daily.
  • Make a time table of everyday.
  • Meditate as much as you can, more meditation more focus.
  • Don’t be with so many people, one is enough to share your thoughts or get support from.
  • Read motivational books instead of watching movies, series.
  • No need to post anything on social media platform, believe me.
  • Yoga is really important once a day 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Only sleep 7–8 hours that’s it.
  • Be honest to yourself atleast.
  • Do something which makes you feel unique in your own way.
  • Make notes which looks appealing, which make your mood to study more.
  • Love mankind selfless motives.
  • Be energetic always.
  • Drink 4-5 litres daily.
  • Plan your day
  • Learn good habits any time in life

While the idea of “self-improvement” can seem daunting, the good thing is it’s an ongoing process, and not so much about pressuring yourself, or meeting deadlines. In fact, “we oftentimes think that accomplishments lead to our happiness, but it simply isn’t true,” Julie Holmes, a New York City-based life coach, tells Bustle. “While you may feel good after an achievement, the feeling isn’t sustainable. It’s important to always be learning and growing in life for happiness that’s lasting.”

Once it’s become a habit, it’ll keep you from ever feeling stuck or bored, since you’ll always have an eye out for new and exciting ways to grow.

And it doesn’t even matter what your goals are, as long as they’re moving you in a positive direction. To get started, consider some of the tips listed below, which experts say can get you started on the road to focusing on self-improvement, and maybe even reaching a few goals.

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