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Blogger is happy to inform Hi all my Podcasts available on Welp magazine a subsidiary of Fupping Ltd, a UK (London) based media company.


I’m just reaching out to let you know we mentioned your podcast in our article about textiles  podcasts. I hope it drives some new listeners! 

Welp Magazine a subsidiary of Fupping Ltd, a UK (London) based media company.

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I am made around 158 episode motivation, Textile & health . Hopefully you all are enjoying.

There are several creators in the field of Self Improvement. The ones in this list I consider to be priceless because they offer hours and hours of truly valuable, life changing content!

Binge on them instead of Netflix!

  1. Jay Shetty
  2. Impact Theory – Tom Bilyeu
  3. Simon Sinek
  4. Gary Vee
  5. Russell Brand
  6. Lewis Howes
  7. MindValley
  8. London Real
  9. Ted Talks
  10. Brendon Burchard
  11. Goalcast
  12. Sadhguru

I have put them in a random order.

Knock yourself out with their content but make sure that you don’t use watching these as an excuse to procrastinate of things that need to be done as ACTION is the real key to self improvement!

What is the best self care podcast?


What are the best motivational podcast?


What are the best podcasts about life?


How do I find myself on a podcast?

Podcasts on spotify about self lovePodcasts on spotify about self loveEarn Your HappyThe Self Love FixGirlboss RadioThe Melissa Ambrosini ShowYour Own MagicThe Self‑Love Club®Affirmation PodThe Road to Self LoveMore resultsPodcasts on spotify about self love

The Tim Ferriss Show

Self help podcasts for men

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Podcasting is a time-efficient form of communication. You can listen to podcasts while you do other things at work or at home, or during your commute. Some types of meetings can be eliminated in favor of podcasts, saving time and improving productivity

Importance of podcast in education

Purpose of podcast

Benefits of podcasts

Use of podcast

Importance of podcast in digital marketing

Why do podcasts

Why podcasts are effective

Benefits of podcasts for learning

The popularity of Podcasts has been magnified in the last couple of years. A few years ago, if you asked about Podcasts, I would have told you not to pay any more attention to this outdated trend. However, things have changed now. Many celebrities and influencers have started their own Podcasts these days on various topics. Many people are listening to Podcasts, and it’s a significant opportunity for the brands to consider Podcasts in their digital marketing strategy. But before jumping to the reasons for considering Podcasts in the business digital marketing strategy, let us first understand a Podcast.

  1. What is a podcast?
  2. Popularity of Podcasting
  3. Reasons to add Podcasts to your Digital Marketing Strategy
  4. Famous Podcasts Platforms
  5. Most Popular Podcasts of all time


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