Attitude is everything

The blogger has written this article on a great book here, if you read it well and put it in your life, then no one can beat you.

Attitude is everything
Friends, I have read a very wonderful book named Attitude is everything
This book is amazing. It is written by Jeff Keller and is divided into 12 chapters.  And it has three parts.

Jeff Keller explains that he was advocating for himself by studying law, when he used to go to work, he used go with a very sad heart, his belongingness was not towards work and he started considering life as a burden.
It was also very difficult for him to sleep at night.  It was late that night while running the TV that he suddenly saw The Mental Bank program.

This became the reason for the biggest change in his life.  After this, he started reading books of great inspirational people.  From prominent were Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, and many more.
Now there was a tremendous change in him and he simultaneously started working as a motivational speaker of advocacy.
If we want to, we cannot underestimate the power of change within us.  This book was written by Jeff Keller to inspire them for the betterment of the people and in the last 30 years, he has established himself as a very good source of inspiration based on this book.

Success starts from inside the mind

Watch your words

God also helps those who begin to help themselves
If we want to achieve success, first we have to think with our mind, then we have to put it into words and then we have to show it by implementing it.
1. Clear your attitude towards the world, the more you will be able to keep positive thinking.  We have to keep our window panes always clean. Whatever good or bad we see is determined only by our thinking.
2. Man is a magnet as a person. We can do what we think, we become what we think.  After making our positive thinking, we will also have to take action.  We have to move towards our goal by keeping our thinking positive and when we think about anything, then we will achieve our goal. 

We have to think something good every day, we have to read good literature, we also have to listen to positive thinking high thinking audio programs, we have to change our thinking as we want to change our life. 

Never think that we will become entitled to victory in one night because success depends on our constant effort, our mental toughness, and our endurance why.  Also, think that if you are positive then you cannot stay away from difficulties, difficulties will give you equal support till you get success, but we will keep moving towards success with the love of our positive thinking.

• We have to make a film of success in our mind while moving towards victory, as a motivational speaker first thinks that I will give a wonderful speech at every level, I will captivate everyone in my interpretation.  After that everyone will also ask for my signature and there will be thunderous applause.  Friends, we have to believe that we are the main hero of this made film.  We have to be successful in selling our film by all means.  To make a film like we need a good set, we need the voice of the characters, people have to take care of the test and all those things which will happen in our film then our film will hit the box office. 

We will have to watch this film every day for a long time with our minds and will have to make corrections wherever necessary.
You can also think that like you write the most rupee on a check and keep it with you and honorarium in some stipulated time, are you going to get this and you have to keep your eyes on this check every day two to three times a day. 

This will motivate you, where your destination is, and what kind of services you have to give to your people.
Friends, as you dream, you will be able to do whatever film you have imagined with your mind, now light the light for it, turn on the camera and start doing the role because that is everything in this life.

Book The fourth part of the book tells our determination because as soon as we make a promise to ourselves, then we can move the mountains from here to there, friends, you can understand the miracle of promising yourself to yourself as you promise.  Well, by the way, the doors of your success keep on opening, if you are not too smart, you can also play a tremendous inning.

Let me also tell you that if even one man has a full commitment to our team, then that 100 men are heavier than those who only listen and don’t take action.  Your commitment to work to yourself prompts you to play a miraculous inning.
You cannot leave the field at any cost.  Jeri Gladstone went ahead with her company in 1986 to open Disney Art. The Disney executives tried again and again with this, but without success, they had to fail again and again, but they kept their tremendous brother, not a loser.  The fact that Gladstone was finally successful tells us that if we do not give up our efforts, we cannot fail in any way.  So go ahead, set your goal, and with a deep thought within it, move forward to achieve it with deep effort.

3. What you will not learn in this chapter is that we can find opportunities even in our times of trouble.  In reality, the problem is not the problem, but it supports a new opportunity.
•  Whenever the time of crisis comes, it opens new dimensions for us, you open your head
• Difficulties teach us how to be restrained towards God, if we are fit today, that is also because of the taste of the natural scenery that we enjoy, that is why your family is happy if your husband and wife’s relationship is wonderful.  If so, that too is because of God.

• Difficulties make our inner personality Indian, as many as they appear, we bring up our inner personality, we come to know our strength
• A great source of inspiration Shiv Kheda has also said that the winning players do their little to us in some new way.
• In difficult times, if your relationship is bad, then it is not available, if you have missed work, then you get money, and if you find any problem, when one door closes and the other opens.

Your words determine your future as it has been told that first, you think of any work, put them in words, do complete self-belief on it, then join to implement it, after that, you will get very good results.

Whatever words you speak, it is very good medicine, whichever you take the decisions of your life in success, the young city relatives with negative thinking people are also of wrong thinking, then it does not mean that if your sales.

There are some negative people in the executive team in the team, then you give your entire team and do not tell the goal, but today the person with the commitment will cross the line of your work, Tony Robbins’ book What awakens the hero inside you.

A proper life of words makes you successful so that you say that you will do this work, while you can also say that no one can stop me from doing this work.  If someone in your team has done a great job, you say ‘Ok’ because of this, if you live very well, my red, then maybe its effect will be of a different kind.

You should choose your words appropriately in the relations of your husband and wife even in the relations of relatives. In your money transactions also you should be neat and clean in your life whether you are in business or work in any film or any  Use your words brilliantly in the activities of your life.
When you say a few words about your health, do not say that I am sick or I cannot do it, you should give responsibility to your strength especially your unshakable faith, and see how success can go away from you.
• 7.  It was told that how are you, whenever someone asks you this question, we see the answer in three ways.
• middle position
• Very positive
Your gesture should always be positive thinking with very nice words.  The way you understand that the happiness on your face tells your personality, if you keep your face in the same place, even at your home, even the wife will want and will not ask for water.
In developing this habit, you have to take positive companions along with you, second, you have to make some good habits every day.  You have to put a tremendous amount of energy into your behavior and then you can see the enthusiasm of your team.

8.Stop Complaining+
It has been told in this chapter that there is a problem in every work, from the birth of a child to grow up, then from growing up to his job, tradition, family situation, the journey of my life, if you see in all these if only a person complains.  So he can never be successful.
A man who complains is always less to his companions, the way to be happy in life is to thank God for every happiness given by you and feel happy.

By the way that you can say that I am very good, our wife children are good I have my own house we have food and water to eat and drink we live in a very nice city in the country I need to do my work  I have full enthusiasm for love, I also keep my friends with me with great love and we try to meet some new person every day and I get full blessings from God.
If we keep this kind of positive thinking then no one can stop us from becoming a warrior in the battle of life.


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9.Associate yourself with positive people+
Connect yourself with only positive thinkers, spend maximum time with them, six schools 26 don’t think, no matter where you are, positive people elevate your personality.
Negative thinking people drain your energy and kill your dreams.
Good thinking friends will increase your thinking manifold and people with other tendencies will take you to hell.
You have to keep a sponge that takes whatever good things are and leave the wrong things.

In the same way, you keep checking with your friends whether there is anything wrong or not, you keep seeing in your relatives whether there is anyone weak.
It has been told in the book that you should make positive thinking at your workplace, be it check a business or any business and choose your friends very wisely because good friends make you good health or else they make you sick.

10. Fight at your own rate and be successful+
• Bhagat If you want to be successful in life, then you will have to do two hands due to fear of all kinds of troubles.
• You have to put your fears to the weak points well
• You have to come out of your comfort zone
• The way there is a huge fear of how you will speak in front of the public, how you will present your suggestions
• Then you will feel here that my views should not be canceled by the front team.

• When you start doing a new job, want to do business, then you think that I do not give up
• We are afraid to share any negative information with the people who arrange us
• We shy away from talking to the top people in our business
• Because everywhere we think that we should not fail

• When you do not back down from your religion and have thought through it, then you get its full benefits, you get a new life after crossing your rates.
• No matter how many fears, difficulties we face in life, but we have to keep moving forward
• So whenever you have to do something big, you have to win over your weak points from your fears.

11. Go ahead and fail+
If you want to achieve something in life, then you will have to get into the battle of the field and you will also have to play and then you will be able to move forward.
• You will get success at the beginning of everything, the chances of succeeding are very less but when you failed yesterday, your chances of succeeding today increase because you start with an experience, not from the beginning.

• Success means that you fail again and again and learn again and again but don’t let your enthusiasm diminish.
• You see in any game a lot of money is made when you lose even if Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ronaldo never failed, when were they able to get their team’s boards every year.

• Winning is a part of the game, in the same way in life, winning is an integral part of us.
• Many times we have seen that a cake writer has to go to the people who print the book but when the book is printed, they reach the peak of success
• If we make a listed framework in our way of working, believe completely in ourselves, if we bring the thought of not giving up, then success will surely come.
• When we move forward with three thoughts, then understand that we will convert failures into success.

12.Reconciliation is the key to success+
•  We can achieve anything in life if we give people what they want.
• There are many benefits of mutual reconciliation, people get business
• Get new customers
• Various business-related information is available
• All the troubles in business are removed
• Meet new friends, find ways to do things

• Spiritually also we uplift ourselves by looking at the activities of others
• For all this it is necessary that we always keep thinking of victory.
• We participate in such groups from the front in organizations
• In all these organizations, we should give maximum services to the people in the groups.

• We keep meeting people who are good listeners because you care about them
• We also used to clean a lot of such occasions in life so that each other got benefit in our companies in the business.
• These groups, community organizations tell how important each person is and how many benefits they provide.
• For all this we have to come out of our comfort zone

• Asking people what they need
• Keep correspondence with us continuously
• I will also find people mentioned by peers who are good for my profession
• A network is essential to be successful.

My dear friends, I have read this book for the second time. I thank the author for giving a very good book to improve the future of all.
It is clear after reading this book that if we change our thinking and change our attitude, then we cannot fail in any condition.
In this world, if you win like a warrior on the strength of your thinking, then what is its match?

In the end, I would like to tell give your everything to make your attitude positive to make your thinking strong

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