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After love & blessings of all, I am able to present My E-book on Amazon kindle for you all. Book is wonderful. Just read it & enjoy it. Hi need I need your full appreciation & suggestions on your own book Dear Readers, Do you think it is too late for you to dream Big? […]

#345:My E-book on Amazon kindle for you all

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Part 1 – What is an Ebook? The Magic of the Electronic Book

Part 2 – How to Write an Ebook (in 7 Super Simple Steps)

Part 3 – How to Publish an Ebook (in 9 Easy-to-Follow Steps)

Part 4 – Ebook Distribution: The Complete Guide for New Authors

Part 5 – How to Market an Ebook on a $10 BudgetBlog > Understanding Publishing

How to Publish an Ebook (in 9 Easy-to-Follow Steps)

Ten years ago, a writer aiming for publication probably looked forward to picking up a hard copy of their book for the first time. These days, however, the book trade has changed quite a bit — and publishing dreams have changed with it.

Instead of fantasizing about glossy hardcovers, writers might well picture themselves setting their ebooks live and watching as the sales come rolling in.

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