#32: How we can get more than luck & before time?

Blogger, Youtuber, Podcaster & Lifecocah wants to tell some tips to get more than luck in our life.

We can get more than luck expected and before time. We need to be positive all time. We need to switch words to motivate & changing gears. This word can be chanted whenever you like at any time. We have everything as Divine. Divine, success, and inspiration are the switch words. We are doing everything as per divine blessings.

We need unique energy for lost keys or items sometimes in life. We even do not find even salt when it is in front of our eyes. This is because our subconscious mind has given the signal to our mind. Now we can say DIVINE reach now means Divyaatama will help you. Divine shortcut now. We are saying to the universe to act fast. Short-cut words can be done by the cancellation of the meeting or in some way other way.

What is destiny? This in itself is a big question. The definition of fate may vary for everyone. Just as wealth can come under destiny for some people, some believe themselves to be lucky if there is peace, and some believe the origin of luck is based on karma. That means the people who say that they do work but luck does not support them, then they are not completely diligent or not doing their work with 100% dedication.

just think that in 84 lakh yonis, taking birth in human yoni does not indicate luck, there are many rare people in the world who have not received family love but they have full respect in society, it can also be considered as a form of luck.

We become what we think. We need to pat ourselves for small achievements. We have to devote 100% heart & soul to any work.

In fact, luck is in the form of love, money, and health and you have luck among all these forms or in one form. God gives luck to everyone according to merit and order. Therefore, it is necessary that we accept the blessings that have come to our site and ask God for a wealth of satisfaction, because ‘happiness is attained only by being satisfied in every situation.’

For money matters, we can say divine find now. Divine bring money now. The thought process is changed. We can chant all these. Divine find now, Divine count on. It works like getting good service offers, booking money, or negotiating. We were feeling good now.

A positive attitude gives wonders in life. Attitude is everything.

1. How many times do you chant Switchwords?

Chant, sing, or even say it like a prayer. The more you chant the more deeply you will be connected with it. This is the most effective way to manifest through Switchwords. CHant at least 3 times in a day for 10 mins so in total 30 mins.

Switch words can be called single-word affirmations and can replace affirmations. How does it work? Switch words help you manifest. These powerful words speak directly to your subconscious mind, activating your ability to manifest money, creativity, self-healing, and success.

2. Water recharge or programming of water

We can recharge water by keeping it in our religious places. In temples, Charnamrit is served in the prasad of GOD. Water is the main constituent of our life

Water can heal our healthy bodies & deceased. Water is helping give good production of agriculture. Drinking water is really much more helpful in maintaining health. We can program full water.

3. Food

If food is prepared with love & affection then the total family is benefitted. The same food is served as LANGER. Our families are taking 1st Roti for cows or dogs so that they can also bless us.

4. Quantum Jump

It is a very good trick.  A parallel universe is there. A lot of galaxies are available in-universe. I am this & I want this. I want 10 crores & ask the universe for this but now I know I have only one lack. The universe will give that by any method. Try to believe in God, the Universe & Law of attraction

Your words become action, and it is often the most ignored fact. Think before you say something because what you’re saying is heard by the Universe and as a result, the Universe transforms it into your actions.

What are Switch Words?
Switch words are simply words that determine and alter your energy from one dimension to the other dimension. It means that words hold the power to change your energy. Switch words can be called single-word affirmations and can replace affirmations.

How does it work?
Switch words help you manifest. These powerful words speak directly to your subconscious mind, activating your ability to manifest money, creativity, self-healing, and success. We all have desires and dreams to accomplish, both personally and professionally.  The key to transforming those dreams into reality lies not in our conscious actions, but in our words.

  • Find, divine, count, done, and scheme – These are used to manifest wealth in our lives
  • Together- It is a master switch word that can be spoken prior to any other switch word as it helps focus on your intention
  • Bring – It is the manifestation power word. It can be used alone or with other words to help you bring what you desire in life
  • Love, Rejoice, Divine – Use these words to attract love in your life
  • Adjust – This creates balance and helps handle difficult and unpleasant situations

“Optimism isn’t magical, it keeps us pointed in the direction of our goals in life. A negative, pessimistic attitude generally repels opportunity.”

–Ryan McCarty, co-founder of Culture of Good, Inc.

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