#28: Evolve into the absolute best version of yourself

Let go of limiting beliefs You know who you are – but do you know who you could be? We can evolve into the best version of ourselves.

Transformation is not without your will to succeed

Some booster points for the same will be discussed in detail. We need to upgrade of rich mindset to get on top. We need to apply points after every book is read or every webinar point is taken care of in a superb manner. Only notes will not be sufficient. We need to apply it in our life practically. Evolution is a slow process but really accurate. We need to make tiny changes after reviewing. A tiny 1% every day is a big transformation process & after a year it becomes 37 times. Really superb thinking & true.

1. How to evolve if not know who we are? What is your current mindset and where do we stand at the moment? We have to see the exact status of self & organization where you are working daily. The exact position will be your ground zero from where you have to reach your targets. We have clarity now for our targets & then we will be reaching there with our best plan & committed team.

2. Who do you need to be? What changes do you need to have?

While making plans we will be having our wonderful plan for execution. For getting the desired results we have to put our great efforts so that everything is as per decided norms. This will make our brand clear to everyone in this universe. If there is any gap between the present and required status then the expert team will do a thorough analysis so that we can get all the results as per standards.

3. Take things seriously.

We need to give 200% effort & focus to go to plan. You need to do your best efforts been hard work and integrity after getting plans for execution. We can leave any micro point unattended. We have to take everything on topmost urgency and serious thoughts. There is no reason that we will not get the desired results. We may have to make some systems get fixed responsibility at a particular place to be in line with the results required.

4. What is our plan for clearcut results?

We can not move till we do not attach the deadlines to our progress. I have observed this in every wonderful group as they are very result-oriented. The clarity of targets is most important to get the best results.

Any plan we can make with every microanalysis to be taken care of so that there are no failure chances.

In textiles yeah made a lot of plans for increasing production and quality as per the requirement of the overseas buyers. We started a systematic approach in the department from Raw materials to finished products. We have taken processed para meters also with home trials and approval of the quality department.

5.No progress without change is observed. We need to focus on the right things. We need to understand the level of a person’s thought process. If we get some variation in the results then we have to change either raw material or process parameters or persons working on the project. This way we can get very near to our target results.

6. Marathon for progress

We need to get results after thorough hard work. We have to practice like a marathon race. We need to do great preparation so that we can get the results as desired. We have to maintain our analysis plan for running and physical fitness with mental robustness.

Just feel if you have to run a marathon race how you will prepare? Can you run a marathon without doing any homework for practice? Certainly not. So plan like the best athlete as a master marathon runner. They are working so hard to win the two-hour marathon. They made extraordinary efforts to get on top of the world similarly in our plan we have to do all these exercises.

7. Are you continuing in learning?

Read more & more books. It helps to get great student confidence and we can get on the top of the sky. We need to invest in ourselves then only we can get the best results we require. Champions surround themselves with wonderful positive thinking people to get success in their life.

We need to focus on our skill development whatever we can do. Skill updation will make you more and more content-oriented and expert on the subject. Let me give you my example here.

8. Prize will not be sent to you.

It will have to be received with both hands. We have to stay on the road to success with continuous and consistent efforts. Without ambition ambitions, we cannot start the journey. There has to be movement in our minds and an action plan.

9. Do not focus on the people you are leaving behind

We have to care for new persons not which you have left back stoppage. We have to focus on our target and the people we are attaching today with new friends. This is going to give you wonderful insights.

10. Do not forget your evolution

You need to focus on your win. You will have to fight for your ground. You have to do every bit for grand success. I have seen in my textile career that sometimes you have to become a lone fighter till we make our new motivated team.

We have seen that in completing our required target of the planned product, we need to evolve ourselves in such a way our best version is very much clear.

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