#22: How to have a growth & Gratitude Mindset?

We need to give gratitude to the Almighty with our growth and gratitude mindset. We have to work with passion in each part of our life. We can do anything with our best growth & gratitude mindset. The clubhouse is going great in learning mode for all like-minded people. Many speakers are superb in their delivery of wonderful lessons. We are always learning here with great energy & passion. We are here with great inspiration. We should not waste much time as black Friday is also approaching fast this week after four days. We need to have Gratitude & Growth mindset in our children, family members & friends. We can give every task in time with these qualities. A growth mindset can see all opportunities in each adversity. We get progress in any case. We give a wonderful gift to the young generation. Children with a growth mindset will challenge in any situation. This is going to give great transformation. Imagine again when you develop your children’s life with a growth and gratitude mindset what a personality they will become. They will be far ahead as compared to their competitors. We will be having little trouble in the starting but our children’s life will be superb. Failures will be dealt with strongly as compared to a fixed mindset. We do not celebrate our success in the family but in the whole of society. being a parent of two adult children I am blessed by Almighty that they are passionate about a growth mindset. I see how they enjoy their life with great hard work. They were leading in every extracurricular activity in their school and college times. With their mindset, they are excelling in their career in multinational companies. They gave incredible performances everywhere. It was only because they were raised in a growth and gratitude mindset. Every time you will see that good raising of children is always a gift to the family, society & country. We have similar sales & marketing teams in our company also. They win great laurels in their profession due to their growth & gratitude mindset. When we look around our life this quality of our life paid us wonderful dividends. We could focus on our every taste & learning new skills. We thank God for these wonderful habits with our heartfelt gratitude. https://wp.me/pbJI1L-703 Do you feel you are a great success in life? Have you analyzed how much is gap between your present & target-oriented life? We can reach when we have clarity in goals. Measuring past habits to present habits will give you an answer. You have got the latest skills in your personality. See the world from a different perspective.  We need to see what we want & what we need. Like water is most urgently needed when we are thirsty. Water for survival is a must. What do I need in my Ideal future? Need & want are different in requirement. Want side is not required exactly. Successful people know about the best use of Gratitude. Let us discuss the best relationship we have in our life. I have a wonderful relationship with my spouse, children & family members. We get it better & better when we have a growth & gratitude mindset. We help & respect each other. We choose things as per our requirements. We focus on growth from our need point of view. We need to grow with our goals in life for our ideal future. We learn great topics a few hours back before joining the clubhouse or webinar/seminar. We see a gap in present & would-be goals that will give us a growth & gratitude mindset. We are never satisfied till we reach our target goals. Gratitude gives us great happiness. We can choose to express gratitude to the almighty for every great moment. Most people do not know more advantages of gratitude. We are helped by God in each of our gratitude sessions. We have come into this universe to be a winner. This can be with our mindset & gratitude mindset. Gratitude is the fruit of success. Gratitude & a growth mindset gives us success & satisfaction in each walk of our life. It increases the melody & enjoyment in our life. We will be getting inspiration & happiness with our good company of champions in our life. We should not carry on with negative mind people. We can learn various important lessons for our life. We are motivated for each work with gratitude habit. We make daily gratitude challenges each day. We need to be in automation mode for success in our life. Great motivational speakers & life coaches change our life if we are ready to do it. We are great actors in our life. We need to act in reality mode so that we are loved by each & every one. With a growth & gratitude mindset, we can get some following points in our life.

Some habits with a positive growth & gratitude mindset are really good for our great life.

  1. Early to bed and early to rise.
  2. Drink at least 1 L of lukewarm water in the morning.
  3. Go for gratitude to Almighty for everything you have in this life on his guidelines.
  4. More gratitude helps us to get more and more blessings from God.
  5. Pray for God and enjoy your life.
  6. Go for nature’s call.
  7. Do your morning walk, jogging, running, and playing indoor or outdoor games for at least 1 to 2 hours.
  8. Sweating two times a day will help you avoid any sickness in your life. You will become more and more energetic.
  1. Do meditation daily for 30 minutes and one hour on daily basis.
  2. Respect your parents. Give them full happiness.
  3. Plan well for your breakfast lunch and dinner. Breakfast to be taken very rich along with lunch. Dinner will be taken very lightly.
  4. Food should be chewed at least 32–35 times after every bite.
  5. Try to avoid tea intake.
  6. Water should be consumed at least 3–4 liters daily to get rid of many problems
  7. Avoid phone dependency except for work. No scrolling.
  8. The tv should be seen minimum possible.
  9. Time utilization should be the best possible as it decides the future of the person.
  10. We should focus on our work.
  1. Bad addictions should be avoided at any cost because these are the progress and future killers.
  2. Love everybody unconditionally.
  3. No backbiting or leg-pulling is required for a successful life.
  4. Become lifelong learners so that you can make your brand very well. Learn as many skills as you can.
  5. Meditation is to be carried out without wasting time.
  6. You should be a very good listener.
  7. Your communication skills should be very good.
  8. 1000 steps after lunch & dinner should be good enough for better digestion.
  9. Book reading is a must at least 10 pages/day for motivational types.
  1. Affirmations, the Law of attraction, The secret should be taken practically in our life.
  2. A smile should be there on the face every time. It helps your feel-good factor.
  3. Laughter club activity once or twice will give facial muscles good exercise.
  4. No need to gossip with anyone as it spoils your time.
  5. Behave all in a wonderful way so that you can be loved by one & all.
  6. Be a Positive attitude personality so that you can motivate your team & family members.
  7. We need to gratitude to the Almighty for the wonderful moments of our life.
Every person has a wonderful life story. Rome is not achieved very easily. It comes as better we become in our overall skills. My story

Born in a small village in Uttar Pradesh then came with my parents to Ludhiana. My study up to

5th standard in Ludhiana. Then shifted to Panipat in 1970.

In 1977 I got admission TIT Bhiwani, one of the best institutes in India in textiles. In 1981 I joined textile mills. I changed about 8 mills in 40 years.

Enjoying my mill life. Good Hardwork, self-satisfied mill & family life. I am a big combined family with my parent’s love. Both my children are super loving children & well-placed in the IT industry. I always pay my gratitude to God for a wonderful life full of emotions.

Wondertips777 • A podcast on Anchor

Hard work, discipline, integrity, and passion for work have given full satisfaction. With this attitude, I could learn maintenance, production, garments manufacturing, retailing, online selling, Public speaking, Book writing, blogging, YouTubing, Podcasting & Digital Marketing.

We have to be motivational in attitude. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable. You can be a role model for your company, family members, society & country.

I have started 57 books in the last 3.5 years. It helped me in my love for a never-give-up strategy. I was the best athlete in my professional college in Haryana. I used to run around 10km on alternate days. I was the best athlete in my final leg of professional college. This habit is helping me to date. The same habits gave ty o my children & grandchildren.

The main funda of life, try to give something to all like making one’s life better with your efforts. Work with selfless feelings & give love to all.

Few tips for you all.

1. Believe & Succeed

2. We become what we think about

3. If you do nothing you don’t become anything

4. People blame circumstances that are not good

5. As you sow you will reap

6. Concrete Goals or unplanned things

7. Our mind is kept underutilized. We use about 5-6%.

8. You want to become the top person

9. Plant your goals in your mind, think, think think

10. We are some of our tasks the whole day

11. What we think we become the same

12 We are in the driver’s seat of our life

13 We should guard our life like a captain of our ship, life

14. Hood listening for 30 days will change your life

15 Returns are directly proportional to our efforts

16. Understand we are what we do on a daily basis

17 All your courage our mind has enormous power of thinking various ideas

18 Remember the word imagination about your goals

19. Act immediately

20. Make Goal cards with time-bound

21. We need to think about our goals

22. Cheerful, and relaxed when you awake

23. Look about abundance nearby every time

24. Stop about any dear & be positive

25. 30 days think more & more thinking

26. Be the top person 5 in 100 people

27. Ask if it will be given

28. Seek you should be found

29. Knock it will be opened for you

30. For 30 days do your best

31. Give everything in your life

32. Àct as it is impossible to fail

33. Do not stretch 30 days

34. Write your goals

35. No worry during these days keep calm

36. Sow only a positive attitude you will be paid likewise

37. Earn money by giving the best service to the masses

38. Success is directly proportional to our services

39. Service first, money is a byproduct

40. Success comes from the quality of your service

41. Believe in yourself & deliver the best to people

42. Set a definite goal

43. Stop thinking about why you will not be successful

44. Change your image of yourself

45. Change your attitude

46. Act fast to become the person you have decided to become

47. Pay the price of the person you want to become

48. Trt today to reach your goals

49. You have nothing to lose

50. ASK-it shall be given

51. SEEK-you shall find

52. KNOCK- it will be opened for you

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