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Blogger has given some inputs on Do not believe a thought you think. This is going to be a game changer.Let us start thinking in this way.

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Hi friends let us think about header. Why it is so? Just think for a moment & understand why we should not believe a thought you think.Stop dreaming of success and start living it! Learn to access your inner power to train your mind. Let us read…..

We are busy in our day to day life competition. We have to think something new. We are able to practice that when we are in work field, office & big company. You are having lot of associates working for you. Do you think that we get right information? We have to analyse everything then & only then we have to rethink from our subconscious mind for final decision.

  Turning point of our thinking is this point only. As we have to see what is the discounting factor of particular person. We need to be more aware in analysis. We get other view on any instance. But we have to give command to our mind. Till we will not see ourself, we are not going to take correct decision.

Don’t Believe A Thought You Think By T Harv Eker

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But we need to think why we do not use our subconscious mind to check. Reason main is that we have been dependent on our gatekeepers of our thoughts. They do not allow us to reuse our mind. Why we do not think? Because we feel big fear to fail. It is not true at all.

Our life is always full of problems. But we become master after solving all our problems.


  • Do not believe your mind
  • Do not believe your thought
  • Do not believe your medium of message coming from other sources

We have to think with our physical conscious mind & Subconscious mind. Preference will be given to our subconscious mind because it is having attachment with spiritual thoughts.

We have to come out of fear & this we have to do with coming out of others thought.

 We have to think with our thoughts only given by own thoughts not information given by others. This is clear that we have to analyse first. The day we started with this thinking then no body cannot stop us.

This can be strong when you are doing meditation regularly. Meditation gives us self-confidence. This is turning point in our life.

So from today analyse your thought source & countercheck with your subconscious mind.

Conscious vs. Subconscious mind: Do you really know the difference?

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Conscious vs. Subconscious mind: Do you really know the difference?

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