#216:The Laws of Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagri

Book review of The Laws of Spirit World is really good. The author Khorshed Bhavnagari has written beautifully The lawsof spirit world.All the points are very important for all of us. We have come here to do best & improve our Spritual world.

People in physical world do not understand their present live on earth. This book has opened my eyes to a large extent about very useful information about the life after death.Book is written with wonderful insight. I would recommend to read it at the earliest.

Mother of two guys Vispi & Ratoo who died in car accident went on to give counselling to their mother through telepathy.Normally what we get advice in this physical world is through temples,masjid &gurdwara . These years is with Gurus ,Saints & parents.

Book has suoperbly told about our conscious & subconscious minds. Good souls on earth always give importance to our subconscious mind which take us in good direction of success, love & affection.

These books which were originally 4 volumes later condensed to one ,give a total insight into the journey of the Soul .Gives the detailed working of the spirit world ,rules of the Lord Almighty,laws of karma , reincarnations etc. She lost her both sons in a single day in a car accident . She got devastated .That time the souls of these departed sons contacted her thru autowriting and confirmed they both are happy in the Divine works. Dictated her all about spirit world.

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Let us read this book to know our way of working improvement options

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Heart of the matter: The Laws of the Spirit World - Book Review

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