#147:P13:: Book Review for James clear ATOMIC HABITS

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Just try to read this book . it will give you best habits.

Probably the most realistic self help book ever made. I generally hate self help books because most of their advice isn't based on real science or reliable advice. But this one, surprisingly works. Very easy to read, very well written, I actually bought it, was worth every penny, would recommend this to anybody, and any business that wants to grow. These principles can be implemented anywhere, even if your company has its own goal system, you can use this with anything. Go to James Clears website, you can learn so much more, and if you really want to give it a go, check out his habit academy, you will learn a very practical step by step program that will help implement his principles exactly to your own life, the book is the theory, the academy is the boot camp.

Jamesclear.com #books #bookreading #robinsharma #tonyrobins #bookreview#podcast Tiny changes Remarkable results A revolutionary system to get 1% better everyday I really enjoyed this book.I took full advantage of STAY at home Save Yourself. In India we say the person who showed fear & stay at home is the winner. World is suffering badly with Covid-19 deadly […]

#147:P13:: Book Review for James clear ATOMIC HABITS


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