मिडिल क्लास पर निबंध लेखन,,Life of middle class in India,

मिडिल क्लास पर निबंध लेखन “मिडिल-क्लास” का होना भी किसी वरदान से कम नही है कभी बोरियत नहीं होती.!जिंदगी भर कुछ ना कुछ आफत लगी ही रहती है.!मिडिल क्लास वालो की स्थिति सबसे दयनीय होती है,न इन्हे तैमूर जैसा बचपन नसीब होता है न अनूप जलोटा जैसा बुढ़ापा,फिर भी अपने आप में उलझते हुऐ व्यस्त […]

मिडिल क्लास पर निबंध लेखन,,Life of middle class in India,

Nearly 55% of the Indian population is expected to join the ranks of the middle class. In fact, because India’s demographics are much younger compared to China and the US, India’s middle class could be the largest in the world (in terms of numbers of people) by 2025.

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The rising importance of the middle class in India

India would soon have a middle class that is proportionately as large as that of the US today. The government is unlikely to be able to provide the quantity and quality of services that will be demanded, even in areas like health, education and water that have evolved as public-sector areas in other countries. India will have to adopt hybrid systems, with private and public service providers