How to make our day best?

  1. Eat healthy and nutritious foods.
  2. Sleep at night at least for 6 hours. It should be deep sleep
  3. Exercise at least for 30mins 5 days a week. Any kind of exercises can be done. Even simple 10k steps per day can do wonders.
  4. Give gratitude to almighty
  5. Meditation or deep breathing helps a lot to reduce stress. Stress can make you look older.
  6. Meditation should be done daily with fixed time duration
  7. Subconscious mind it is the backbone of your success get full advantage of it.
  8. Your subconscious mind can do wonders you need not to go here and there just believ in your subconsciou s
  9. Sometimes food can’t give you all the nutrients so try to find out the best quality suppliments like multivitamins, biotin, good quality protein power, collagen powder, fish oil and vit D. You can consult with a physician before having any of these.
  10. Affirmation is very helpful. “I am extremely beautiful” or “I look gorgeous” these kind of affirmations with feelings can help you a lot to gain confidence.
  11. Groom yourself to look good. Dress well, maintain hygiene. Smell good.
  12. Smile whenever possible. Be a cool person from within. Don’t have to be fake though! Frowning is not good for looking good!
  13. Get rid of negativities. Stop jealousy!
  14. Pray to almighty or any super natural Power, for wellbeing for you and your surroundings.
  15. Do not waste your single second time management is must.
  16. You are master of your destiny and you are a born winner then and believe in God and go ahead in life.

Do your best for looking your best version 💗