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India is also the second-largest exporter of textiles and apparel with a share of 5% of global trade. Exports of textile and clothing products, including handicrafts, from India have slightly increased to US$ 40.4 billion during the year 2018–19 from US$ 39.2 billion during 2017–18, registering a growth of 3%.

The Indian domestic textile and apparel industry contributes 2.3% to India’s GDP and constitutes 13% of the country’s export earnings. Exports in the Textiles & Garments industry are expected to reach US$ 300 billion by 2024.
Hence, it is no surprise that the last decade has seen an influx of clothing and textile brands in the Indian market. With its domestic consumption of US$ 97 billion and exports worth US$ 40 billion, India has emerged as the third-largest consumer market and the fifth-largest textile exporter in the world.

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