259:Why we need motivation?Who are best motivators of the World?

Blogger is a motivational Speaker, author, Podcaster, You Tuber & Textiles expert having 40 years of long experience. Today we decided to see who are top Motivators of the world? I will be sharing in details about the best motivators. Why I decided today this very important topic. As I have served for around 39 […]

259:Why we need motivation?Who are best motivators of the World?

Human behavior is always a surprise. We know that wemust have to achieve Success in life and we tend to not take action. Wehave many reasons for not achieving what we want. Many times though weknow that logically we are right we tend to move away from it, thereason being Emotions. Emotions is what drives us everyday, everymoment. Imagine that you are on your bed and your mind knows that it isgood to do exercise, you talk to yourself, “Do you want to do it today?Or shall I start tomorrow?” and you know this emotion that creeps indecides your fate. This small difference could create a huge impact inthe quality of your Life.

Firstly for success you need to setyour GOALS. If you do not set your Goals, it is very difficult toachieve your outcomes.

And you may have defined your goals, worked outa strategy too, but if you do not have MOTIVATION?? You will not eventake the first step. Its like owning the worlds best car with all theparts working perfectly, the car has the capabilities to go fast withthe greatest fuel efficiency. But if there I no driver and or if thedriver does not ignite the car and start it, the car does not evenmove.

Motivation is like that spark for the engine. This is what makesthe human engine move. You may have the best talents or acquired thebest skills but it you do not have motivation you will not reach far.Motivation is the driver which drives you to do what you are doing.

“How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’” – Martin Luther King