Hi blogging friends, I am planning to have free Motivational speaker webinar

Hi all I am having webinar this Saturday at 9pm.Please Register it. Programme Links attached

Free Webinar
By: Mr. V K CHAUDHRY, Management Professional and Motivational Speaker

👉 Learn – Time Management (A technique to enhance life’s Achievements & Success)
👉 How to get and enhance control of your most valuable asset i.e. Time
👉 How to get rid of Procrastination?
♥️ Being Busy Vs Results-oriented Approach
👉 Learn the delegation of resources for optimum utilization.
👉 Learn POMODORO time management’s superb technique

Topic- Learn art of Time Management
Time 👉 9 pm-10 pm
Date – 15th August 2020 (Saturday)

To book your seat, please fill up the below online form:


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