#339:गुणकारी मरुआ की चटनी || Good for Diabetes – Marua Chutney || by GTK


Wonderful recipe from Veteran YouTuber My Wife gave 340+ Vegetarian recipes on.गुणकारी मरुआ की चटनी || Good for Diabetes – Marua Chutney || by GTK. Just see step by step. It is very beneficial to Diabatic people.

Digestive benefits

To enhance the digestive system’s performance, 2-4 cups of marjoram tea may be ingested in 2 hours. Drinking the tea will help digestion by:

  • Increasing the efficiency of digestion by increasing digestive enzymes and saliva
  • Calming the stomach and digestive system.
  • Improving appetite
  • Relieving nausea
  • Eliminating flatulence
  • Curing or preventing basic intestinal infections
  • Soothing painful stomach cramps or spasms
  • Relieving diarrhea
  • Relieving constipation

Protection against common illnesses

Marjoram is a great antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agent. As a result, it fights against a variety of common illnesses:

Food poisoning, Staph infection, Tetanous infection in wounds, Typhoid, Malaria, Influenza,  Common cold, Mumps, Measles

Improved cardiovascular health

Another benefit of marjoram is the enhancement of the cardiovascular and circulatory system. It helps by eliminating common risks associated with cardiovascular disease. Some ways it helps include:

  • Lowering the blood pressure, greatly reducing the risk of hypertension and resultant heart problems.
  • Greatly preventing the buildup of cholesterol, reducing risk of hardened arteries
  • Aiding in improved blood circulation by dilating the arteries as necessary.

Studies show that lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels are linked to a reduced rate of heart disease and heart attack.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Marjoram is also an anti-inflammatory herb. Taken internally, it is great at relieving a variety of problems caused by inflammation, including:

Asthma, Muscle spasms, Sinus headaches, Migraines, Fever, Body aches

Emotional and Neurological Benefits

With sedative and antidepressant qualities marjoram has a variety of psychological and neurological benefits. It aids in:

Relieving insomnia, Reducing stress, Calming anxiety, Minimizing emotional reactions, Increasing control of sexual desire

When taken in larger doses, it even exhibits mild antidepressant qualities.

गुणकारी मरुआ की चटनी || Good for Diabetes – Marua Chutney || by GTK

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