#315:Healthy Vegetable Daliya/Pulao Recipe || नमकीन वेज दलिया बनाने का तरीका || by GTK

Youtuber need to tell wonderful recipe for Healthy Vegetable Daliya/Pulao Recipe || नमकीन वेज दलिया बनाने का तरीका || by GTK. Just view recipe very simple step by step.

Namkeen Daliya is a healthy breakfast recipe. This recipe is truly delicious and easy-to-make. It is prepared using simple ingredients like broken wheat, green peas, onion, tomato which can be a treat for your taste bud. One good thing about this dish is that it includes broken wheat and green peas as its main ingredient which makes this recipe highly nutritious and delicious at the same time. This North Indian cuisine is loved by kids and adults alike. Garnish this recipe with coriander leaves, red chilli powder, garam masala to make it more enriching. It is perfect to serve on the occasion like kitty party, potluck, picnic or on a family get-together. So, try out this lip-smacking recipe and serve it to your loved ones.



INGREDIENTS: 1) Daliya – 1/2 cup; 2) Oil – 3-4 tsp; 3) Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp; 4) Potato (finely chopped) – 1; 5) Onion (finely chopped) – 1; 6) Capsicum, Carrot and bottle gourd (लौकी) all finely chopped – 1 cup; 7) Green chilli – 1; 8) Lemon – 1/2; 9) Water – as per requirement; 10) Salt – as per taste; 11) Coriander leaves (chopped) – 1 tbsp; #VegetableDaliya#HealthySnack#GoldysTastefulKitchen#IndianFood#HowTo#DIY#Homemade#Cooking#ILikeCooking#ILoveCooking#Kitchen#Learn#IndianRecipe#Youtube#YoutubeIndia

Namkeen Dalia: Savory Vegetable Porridge That Is Easy To Cook


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