#233P25:Importance of yoga

Best way to keep fit. Do it daily 1-1.5 hours & see changes.

Dear friends
Incorporeal Supreme soul GOD urges to start days with loads of optimism . Past , present and future in a cyclic pattern influence the above . Yoga means to connect , a mental communion .

Every human being seamlessly involved in the four stages leading to yoga viz Initiation , contemplation / meditation , concentration , realization .
Let me explain to you with an analogy . What we do when a serious quality issue is unfolding , we initiate and pick up ideas from various sources including our consciousness and Subconsciousness .

Seamlessly and effortlessly we enter to the stage of contemplating / meditating upon it , then very serious Introspection and concentration stage culminating into solutions in the final realization stage .

We apply solutions with great speed and keen interest . Luckily we had / have the luxury to substantially handle inert matters and instruments , equipments , machines which don’t have emotions . Pride , ego , position , status , false honour should not enter our consciousness when we handle human resources . Now yoga happens in another realm of possibilities .

Forgot for a moment our body , bodily relationships ; the world and it’s affairs , get into the stage of soul consciousness connecting your mind and intellect in loveleen state to Incorporeal Supreme soul for experiencing the light in the form of Divine knowledge and might in the form of Divine qualities and arts .

This whole process do require initiation of ideas about soul and supreme soul , contemplation / meditation on those ideas , concentrating on those ideas , the final stage realization is experiencing and enjoying soul consciousness and GOD consciousness in totally blissfulness .

From cooking to Scientific rediscoveries , mankind seamlessly adopt the four stages . Nothing worthwhile is never created without undergoing these four stages in in physical and metaphysical realms . Mankind senselessly wrongly identifies itself with this gross body and merrily involved in sensual gratification which our ancient wisdom says as sitrinbam .

Body Consiousness living is morally undefensible , philosophically unjustifiable , spiritualy / religiously untenable , economically exploitive , politically divisive , socially dangerous .

Let us start our day by early morning 3.30 am , yoga with world Almighty Authority till 5.00 am . Then you are ready to start the day with loads of optimism .

Never forget you are a soul / spirit , the blessed direct children of the Lord . Play / perform your various roles Detached and yet loving .

The folly is we are all experts in yoga / meditation with all sundries which is of temporal and limited value . My Benevolent thoughts for all of you to prioritize Soul and supreme soul for a few minutes/ hours in your routine chore .

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Blogger tells the importance of Yoga in our daily life. He thinks better health can make everything super. So Start from today itself. Tell me if you need any help.

The art of practicingyogahelps in controlling an individual’s mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxing. It also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone

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