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Hi friends Let us start wonderful way of Chew your food 40 times like you drink your food & chew your water. This theory will be going great if we follow.

Remember the time in school when our teachers used to say that we should chew our food 33 times a day? Well we all did try, but it felt like eternity! Even if you try today you will notice that we hardly chew our food 14-16 times. And you will be surprised if you actually notice that when you swallow the chewed food, it can actually be chewed much more.

What I wish to tell you with this blog is the importance of chewing more!

My son has been a huge fan of the Indian actor R. Madhavan. When he asked me to watch a movie of his, Saala Khadoos I was actually impressed by the actor’s body.

Some images of R.Madhavan’s body from the movie Saala Khadoos:


(Image source – indiatvnews.com)


(Image source – livemint.com)

My son then forwarded a video that is the base of this blog. In order for you to understand how R. Madhavan got his body for this movie. It actually made me think a lot!

I really wish for all my readers to go through this 31-minute video that I am sharing with you all.

Some side effects of watching this video:

1)    Chewing more number of times can fix all abnormalities in your blood reports;

2)    Chewing more can actually help you focus on the food you are eating, this plus switching off TV and other distractions;


– Drink your food, chew your water: R. Madhavan at the RWC16

   (For your first watch, start with 11 min & 30 sec in the video)

Some of my tips after you watch the video are:

1)    Give at least 10 min of your time only to focus on the food we eat;

2)    In the beginning, just decide to eat this way (as per the video) only for 1 meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and then slowly take it forward;

3)    You will come to realize that you are able to enjoy the taste of the food that you even had earlier, but never with so much fun and focus. Relax and smile;

40 बार चबाऐं भोजन|Drink your Food and Chew your Water||Chew 40 times to lose weight#wondertips

Chewing your food 40 times is going to boost your personality by maximum number of times. Let us start our good habits of chewing & water drinking. Our Life will go more smoothly.

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The simple act of chewing food in your mouth helps to break down larger particles of food into smaller particles. This helps to reduce stress on the esophagus and thereby helps the stomach to metabolize your food. When food is chewed thoroughly, you also release a lot of saliva, which contains digestive enzymes

How Many Times Should You Chew Your Food? – Healthlinewww.healthline.com › health › how-many-times-should…

  1.  It takes fewer chews to break down soft and water-filled food. The goal of chewing is to break down your food so it loses texture. Chewing 32 times appears to be an average number applied to most bites of foodFoods that are harder to chew, such as steak and nuts, may require up to 40 chews per mouthful.
  2. The importance of chewing your food

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