#142P11::How to stay positive during corona virus stay home

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We have to be strong mentality to defeat Corona. PM NARINDER MODI has also said that battle with corona will be longer. Be ready to fight together. Still community spread has not started except Jamat Markaj .We need to be more elert during Stay Home Stay Safe.  As Salman kahan has also given in a very important video that Be afraid & be safe. Jo Dar gaya Vo mar gaya quotation  is not valid here in Corona Pendemic case.But there are practical things everyone can do to make their online experience during these challenging times a more positive one. In fact, the internet can actually help us feel connected and give us a sense of community. We have pledged on 5th April night Deepawali for 9 minutes for fight against corona virus

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“Usually, negative news goes faster, further, and deeper on social networks — so we are much more exposed to negative news than positive news,” he says.
This has the effect of amplifying it exponentially as more people share it, Yasseri explains, so if you have your Twitter feed open, you can feel even more bombarded by the stream of bad news.
“For myself, I’ve decided to look at the news only a certain number of times a day. Some people like to do this in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening.” We do not see TV whole day we use it for fitness, serial,pictures for kids.This way this is educating not depressing.
I have given some tips as under::
  1. Wakeup at 5am
  2. Drink lukewarm water about 1 litre in 5-10 minutes with sips

I thank my God,Almighty,  My guru for another wonderful day

I prey god for welfare of everyone. Ask him to care for me & all near & dear ones.

  • Positive affirmations like
  • I am best motivational speaker
  • I am best technician
  • I love everyone selfishness
  • I am best Blogger,YouTuber, author
  • I am best energetic person
  • I am giving my best tips to my team
  • I am best leader
  • I take best care for my relations in family
  • I am best friend
  • I give best in my company
  • I am angel, Farishta of Almighty

This I am repeating 6 times before going to bed & same time after wakeup.

  • Then I go for freshening up.
  • I do some stretching exercises. Then start for Morning walk & Yoga for about 1.5 hrs to 2 hours.
  • Then Lemon water 200 ml in hot water.
  • After 30 minutes  taking bath & then Breakfast.
  • I spend about one hour on social media.
  • Then write blog for 2 hrs.
  • Read book 50-60 pages daily
  • Share some time in helping wife
  • Call to all distant relations on cell
  • Lunch around 1 pm
  • Book reading
  • Meditation
  • Some news for 30 min.
  • Talk with some friends
  • Water of one glass after 2 hrs
  • No use of oily
  • Evening exercises 30-45 minutes
  • Technical write-up study
  • Social media about 1 hour
  • Evening fruits, oranges, watermelon, cucumber
  • Blog writing article or blog tips reading
  • Dinner 7 pm
  • Evening roaming in house for 1000-1200 steps reading
  • Old memories discussions with wife
  • Go to bed by 10-10.30pm
  • Again affirmations & sleep
  • Next day starts

Hopefully you will enjoy after reading some of my points. You can add some of your left out points

India is trying its best to control. Even main worry is that Doctors,health workers are also getting corona positive.It will give tough time.

India update  4421 cases & Death toll 132

Even yesterday Matoshree nearest tea stall owner got positive report.

Delhi govt. planning to conduct over 1 lack test in coming days

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