#137P09:How to eat your food?खाना कैसे खाएं

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First. Prepare what it is that you are thinking of eating. Or if you’re in a hurry, buy it out, already prepared. Step 2) Then find a place to sit and eat that provides a relaxed atmosphere. Step 3) Open your mouth. Step 4) pick up a portion of your chosen dish by whatever means you find comfortable once the food is securely on whatever utensil you prefer, take the food toward your mouth. Step 5) Insert the food into your mouth being certain not to put the utensil too far in.

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Step 6) With your tongue, teeth or lips, slowly pull the food off of the utensil as you remove the utensil while pressing your lips onto the utensil. (Note, you should be able to feel the food in your mouth and on your tongue at this point. ) Step 7) Begin to chew the food, keep in mind that the more you chew, the better it will be on your digestive track. Step 8). When you feel that you have adequately chewed the food go to Step 9) Which is swallowing the food. Once the food is swallowed you can safely repeat Steps 3 through 9. Do this until all of the food that you intend to eat has been consumed.

There’s so much information available about how to eat properly and it can be overwhelming! While you may have heard all kinds of things about what foods to eat and what ones to avoid, there are some simple rules that can help you to make the right food choices. Start by making sure your diet includes healthy foods and beverages. Then, work on adjusting your eating habits, such as by cooking for yourself, reading labels, and making healthy swaps. You may also benefit from adjusting the timing of your meals and snacks.

Better we chew much lower load will be on digesting system & hence our health will be much better.You will not be fatty.32-35 times chewing is must .Sometimes person in reality do not learn to eat even in entire life. We have to understand How to eat our food? What to eat in our food?

How much junk food we should eat?








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