#93::How to change your Bad Habits||जिन्दगी को जिए अच्छी आदतों के साथ

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How to change your Bad Habits

‘’Great minds discuss ideas, average ones discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Habits are powerful, and as an entrepreneur you can teach yourself ways to adopt new good habits to succeed in both your professional and personal life. By simply using the power of your brain, you can create pathways to new and healthy habits.

By definition, a habit is a sequence of actions that you learn over time and are often done unconsciously. You probably don’t even think about your morning routine anymore: wake up, brush teeth, drink Juice, coffee, and so on. Habits help us do things instinctively, and luckily, the brain is capable of re-organizing neural pathways to adapt to new habits, which is great news! It’s highly possible to create and maintain new healthy habits.

To begin — what habits are you looking to adopt or change?

  1. Cut yourself some slack. Habits are hard to change because, well, they’re habits attained over long period.
  2. Identify the underlying cause. All habits have a function
  3. Deal with the real problem. Sometimes dealing is relatively easy
  4. Write it down about your habits to be left out & attained
  5. Get yourself a buddy to tell you about bad habits
  6. Give yourself enough time to improve
  7. Allow flexibility in your nature to adapt new changes for betterment in your habits
  8. Early to bed & early to rise is old gold slogan .Better join 5am club
  9. We should set achievable goals
  10. Impulsive net surfing
  11. Pubg playing is horrible
  12. No study on time
  13. Adults can read minimum 5 pages of motivational book
  14. Procrastination
  15. Less play, exercises
  16. Seeing porn movies
  17. Bad etiquettes
  18. Your kids do what you teach
  19. You are brand ambassador of your Branding
  20. Checking your phone during meeting, conversation
  21. Tiny changes remarkable results
  22. To be shy in front of family members & friends
  23. Using mobiles /computers on odd hours
  24. Do not give time to your family
  25. Love your parents
  26. Gossiping
  27. Multitasking during discussion & meeting
  28. No meditation
  29. No backbiting
  30. Comparison with others
  31. No envy nature
  32. No love with comfort zone
  33. Say yes when it should be know
  34. Do not give support to negative persons
  35. Attitude positive
  36. Love everyone with selfishness
  37. Not writing anything in life(One should be writer)
  38. Proper use of social media
  39. Drink luke warm water daily about 5 litres
  40. Multiskilling attitude

There is one revolutionary system to get 1% better every day. It is going to make your branding. Tiny change in your habit will be summed up & will transform your life to the unstoppable level.

So we need to be very flexible in changing our bad habits to good one. Like these day we have confined us to our homes to avoid Corona effect. This is sort of good habit which is going to save our life. India is fighting hard to avoid this deadly virus. Persons who are not able to adopting new habits in changed environment.

     Meditation helps to gives you self-confidence which will motivate you to work for better habits.

Learning new habits is just like you can learn anything in just 20 hours. You can win anything if you are disciplined

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