#65:: My first E-book for you all On “LOVE YOUR LIFE” By Vk Chaudhry

Book writing is an art. I have got it as parental genes although bit late. The author has written first book .Love your life is the topic. Small book with deep words will motivate your further for loving yourself. All the best.


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I have tried book writing online so that maximum readers can advantage. Some authors use book writing softwares but I have written my practical & well tested points for all readers.

My e book

Love Your Life अपनी जिन्दगी को जिए प्यार से।

Tips to keep our readers inspired & happy


The author is an experienced technical graduate with more than 38 years of experience in textiles. I have attended a lot of seminars, workshops and training programs. During my office life, I realized that I am a very good motivator for my team. I was taking regular motivational and educational classes for my associates. I do not remember that I had to speak wrong in my meetings. Last 2.5 years I read about 37 non- fictional books. I could see that I can give something to masses. I realized that giving is loving. So I started writing this small gift to my readers in the form of  book. I hope this book will give you full satisfaction. I need your best corporation and feedback to improve further.

I have dedicated this small gift to my Late mother & Younger Brother.Without their blessings this could not have been possible. My mother was fond of praising my Loving father’s book writing work. My father is Great as he has passionate love for writing .With genes from family I have tried starting with E-BOOK for you all.

1. Meditation
2. Love yourself
3 . Love mankind
4. Believe in yourself
5. You can do miracles
6. Love your parents
7. Love your family
8. Passion in work
9. Grow your mind as kitchen garden
10. Make your branding
11. Be happy
12. Nobody can make you happy make you sad
13. Positivity in life
14. Control your Words
15 . Smile costs nothing
16. Work smartly
17. Make goals
18. Never give up
19. Discipline pays
20. Minimum use of television
21. Regular exercises, yoga & games
22. Multi skilling need of the hour
23. Motivational speaking
24. Become leader not boss
25. Listening is best habit
26. Make your brand story
27. Write a book in your life
28. Live Happy and satisfied
29. Work hard has no matching
30. Learn anything in 24 hours
31 Execute execute execute
32. Learn learn and learn
33. Keep calm
34. Avoid procrastination

1. Meditation
We are living in a very competitive time. We need regular upliftment in mental power. We may be very healthy physically. We need to be very peaceful from inside. Our self-confidence is the key to success. Self-confidence cannot be achieved by any tonic or medicine. To achieve this we need regular fix time meditation like our breakfast, lunch & dinner. It helps us to make a bridge between our
outside and inner side.
We have to do meditation from 15 minutes to 30 minutes morning  & evening time daily basis. It will help us to regain peace of mind. Then we will be able to achieve success in our life. So I will be doing meditation without fail.

2. Love yourself
We observe in our daily life that people are not loving themselves. Their body language looks very bleak. When we love ourselves then and only then we will love people. So it is very important that you take care of yourself. We need good health, we need a good body structure. We should feel smart throughout the day. Our body is temple of our soul. Even we should take care for our health so that our body temple is always clean.

3. Love mankind
We have to love all as they are God loving kids. When we love mankind expecting anything in return, Almighty becomes very happy. Persons who are loving these creatures, in return they give blessings. Thinking for the betterment of others is really a good person. God will keep him very happy. We should always love all. These days people are becoming very very selfish. Not good at all. Always love God’s creativity.
4. Believe in yourself

We have to believe in ourselves. Believing is winning. We have to win in life. So it becomes very important to believe in ourselves. One time in a seminar motivational speaker asked a question. How many years you will survive? Everybody was surprised. Then some people told they don’t know. Some told the will live for 80 years Plus. Persons answered were having solid self-belief.

5. You can do miracles
It is very true. We can do miracles. When we have self-belief and self-confidence then nobody can stop us. Success needs only these tools. These types of breeds live only in a positive frame of mind. We can take the example of cricket. Nobody made 200 runs in a day match. When Sachin Tendulkar made then Rohit Sharma did it 3 times. Miracles happen with self-belief. That’s why Virat Kohli is coming very fast near Sachin Tendulkar’s records.

6. Love your parents

Parents are our first Guru. They bring us in this universe which is full of selfish people. Parents teach us ABCD in this world. We should touch the feet of our parents on a daily basis and get blessings. Persons staying away can talk with their parents on a daily basis. Nowadays social media and phones are very very good media to connect easily. There is very good saying homes, where parents are happy God, live there.
So dear friends keep your parents happy as they have kept us happy in our childhood. But we are seeing that in many homes things are not in line. Parents are very unhappy. They are forced to live in old age homes. Parents have brought us in a fantastic manner. How you can expect that God will be happy with this type of person.

7. Love your family members
These days we find that combined family culture has gone far away. Only a few families live together. In combined families parents control better than anyone. Children and family members love each other take care of each other. Bonding becomes very strong. They are able to withstand any problem together. Similarly on happy moments they all enjoy. One has to adjust to a combined family. Ego has to be finished for better relations.

8. Passion in work

Success is the Hallmark of life. We have to excel in life. As discussed earlier we need to have a passion for our work. Passion is required everywhere. Sometimes we see that some people do not enjoy their work. Their passion is missing. So my friends we can get success in any job, business & field. Once bruce Lee told that he do not afraid of any competition. But he is afraid if someone has done a single move/kick 10000 Times. This can be done only with passion.

9. Grow your mind as kitchen garden

Our mind is super calculator. It is capable of taking decisions very fast. A positive attitude gives it a superpower. We can develop it further like our kitchen garden. Some people do not buy any vegetables from the market. They develop their kitchen garden. With little hard work we can reap dividends. So with positivity & hard work we can develop our mind like a parachute. Meditation helps to get our mind in top shape. We can do miracles in our life.

10. Make your branding

To be successful in life how to make our branding. Branding we understand from garments, shoes many more items. But these days human branding is very demanding. We have to be very disciplined to be successful. We really need to be a very good book reader. We should make a habit to read minimum of 5 pages daily. In this way you will be able to read at least 20 books per annum. You will find that something new is coming into your thinking. This will be termed as branding of your personality. You know the value of the brand. The author has made regular habit of reading. He has read 32+ books in last 2 YEARS
Similarly you will be making YouTube channel, Podcasting, writing a book and digital marketing mastery will keep you above masses.

11. Be happy always

One should always remain happy. A happy mood can create the best working atmosphere. When persons not working together in harmony then work performance takes a downward trend. On the other hand, we should make others happy. It can be done by giving only. Giving nature gives you happiness. When we respect our parents they become happy. Similarly you give something to your kids they become happy.
Same way when we are sharing our knowledge with friends and community then happiness is bound to come.

3 Ways to Start Writing Your Book Now — Honoree Corder

12. Nobody can make you happy nor can make you sad

Friends, it is very true that nobody can make you happy and nobody can make you sad. It is only your attitude which makes you happy or sad. See here the importance of happiness which depends on your attitude. When you are having a positive and dashing attitude then you are bound to get success. In adverse situations also we have to be very positive and happy. Our happiness gives us energy.

13. Positivity in life

Positivity in life gives us everything we desire. Without a positive attitude we can not go anywhere. We can not get success. We can solve a lot of problems in life which look to be self-made. Once you are positive then the sky is the limit. Positivity in life can be attained with self-belief and self-confidence. There was one match in Pakistan when the Indian team was not playing a good test match. Sachin Tendulkar was a young guy and Navjot Sidhu on the crease. They were playing fast bowling. Sachin Tendulkar was hit down by one fast bowler bouncer. Sachin was asked by senior partner Sidhu to go to pavilion. But Sachin told mein khelega.Both saved the test match on that day.

14. Control your Words

We have to control our tongue. It has created a lot of problems in families unity and on different levels. Image of the tongue can create a very bad atmosphere and controlling of the tongue very harmonious atmosphere in business &  workplaces. It is a very simple loving personality in place community.
15. Smile costs nothing

Smile costs nothing. You are having a smiling face then you can win many hearts. In this competitive world people do not understand this simple theory. They are jealous of one another. Suppose you are standing in a queue at the window of the picture hall, pass a smile and get your work done.
    Similarly, you can do a lot of work with great ease. Nothing is late in life you can start smiling without any further delay.

16. Work smartly

We have to work very smartly to get success in life. Some people confused themselves in smart work and hard work. Hard work means lot of time and effort doing a certain work. But smart work means spending less time to get quality work.
17.Make smart goals

To be successful we have to make our goals very smart which are
R- Relevant
T-Time bound
Set your goals as mentioned  & make them happen. We have to give a good thought process to have smart goals.
We have to imagine our future & then make goals accordingly.
Setting of goals gives direction to our life. Goals are different for students, businessmen & service persons. To make life happiest we have to make attainable goals.

18. Never give up
Those who succeed in achieving their dreams always have one quality in common: They never give up in any difficulty.
Never give up mentality wake up our mind conditioned to think positive. No one can defeat such a person.
We have heard a story that even the last key of the bunch opens the lock.
We should be changing our perspective to the situation with persistent nature. We have to develop a gritty attitude.

19. Discipline pays in life
Disciplined persons are always tough. Discipline is a concept everyone is aware of but few truly understand. The most successful people make a habit of disciplined life. Discipline gives stability and structure into a person’s life. Discipline is an essential part of our life. Without discipline life cannot work smoothly.
Discipline makes successful and happy life. Discipline is very important for students in the early stage. Discipline also means punctual and leading a successful automatic life. We can see disciplined toppers in each aspect of life.

20. Minimum use of television

We should use television to the minimum limit. We can say it is an idiot’s box. We sit for hours simply watching any program or matches. No one thinks the amount of valuable time we loose in this. What we get after watching the match?
  We can save our valuable time which can make your super branding.
The same time can be utilized in book reading or writing.
Same way on any news channel we see the same news several times daily.

21. Regular exercises, yoga & games

Regular disciplined morning exercises, yoga & sports-loving schedule paves the way for happiness. We should be very regular in exercise. Sometimes our heart says to remain in a comfortable zone. We have to come out for regular schedule. It gives us an abundance of energy throughout the day. The author is a regular Morning Walker, Jogger, tennis player.

22. Multi skilling need of the hour

Today’s cut-throat competition atmosphere we need to be a multi talented person. We get importance in life when we are skilled people in any walk of life. In our manufacturing line, We see some operators are very very skillful in their departments.You can learn anything in only 20 hours.
             All love these guys with extra skills. Same way you can get all skills in your armory.

23. Motivational speaking

Motivational speaking is an art which is not possible for all. Today we have so many good motivational speakers. They change the lives of their team members. My purpose for motivational speaking is to avoid wrong notions among people for relations, poor thinking, depression & positive vibes. A person should be so motivated that his character becomes best. When a person is highly motivated then results are bound to come. So we have to keep our energy level on top to touch the sky.You can become unstoppable.

24. Become leader not boss

We have to lead from the front. We can see from cricket match. Virat Kohli is leading the team from the front. He is going at very fast speed . He is probably going to break all records of Indiam cricket God Sachin Tendulkar.

We have to get the best out of our team. This thinking is going to help everyone at home & the organization.
Bossing always gives discomfort to others.

25. Listening is best habit

In today’s hi tech, hi speed competitive world , communication has become very important than ever. Genuine listening has become rare gift of the time. It helps to build relationships & solve major problems and better understanding. Listening also builds friendships and careers. It saves many relationships.
During good listening, eye to eye contact is must.

Why should be very attentive and relaxed? You should also keep your mind open. We Should listen to the words of the speaker & try to understand what the speaker is saying?
We should not interrupt & should not impose our solutions.

  26. Make your brand story
We see branding of any product or company or ourself is must. Stability and profitability comes with branding.

We have to research on our target audience and our competitors.
Need to focus on product and personality with proper name of business. We should choose our slogan, logo, colours & tag line.
Then our branding is registered.

Similarly we have to see how to make our own branding? This can be done with motivational speaking and book reading. Book reading,seminar &webinar attending helps a lot in making your own brand. Read at least 10 pages per day or one book per week & see the benefits every 6 months.

27. Write a book in your life
Till I was 56 years old, I was not thinking to write a book. But as soon as I met with authors and motivational speakers.I decided to write a book. Dear friends this is my first book which has reached in your hands. Believe in yourself you will also feel the same after reading my book. Life is very short and we have to enjoy it fully each & every moment. So start writing a book of your desired content.

28. Live Happy and satisfied
The main theme of my book is to live happy and satisfied. You can try to your best level after that leave in God’s hands. Over thinking does not solve problems. Make your relationship better and better. Enjoy every moment of your life. Love your parents , respect them. Get their blessings to go for fun in your life.

29. Work hard has no matching

Hard work is the most important key to success. We cannot achieve any great achievement without hard work. We cannot sit and wait for success or good opportunity. Any person working hard is able to gain great success & happiness in life.

The author has worked for a long 39 years in the textile industry. Great Industry indeed. I have done super hard work in my life. That hard work has given me self belief. I have learnt a lot with a hardworking attitude. Hardworking nature you can win heart of many friends.  If you work hard then you can dream big. As we see how a best man or bowler work hard to give their best performance? Who so ever works hard gets the top honors?
  We have many examples of hard work leading to success. Maybe Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Sunil Gavaskar ,Rohit sharma & PV sandhu, all have given their best with work. So hard work should be made the password to success in our life. Go ahead & make your destiny.

My Secret Book Writing Formula [Free Template] | Brian Tracy - YouTube

30. Learn anything in 20 hours
We can learn Any new thing in exactly 20 hrs. But can be done in 5 principles. Why you want to learn? Any work can be divided into parts. You need not to be on top of everything. Like you can be good batsman but not Sachin or Virat.
Similarly you can be a good dancer but not like Jackson.
Focus should be on top of your skill without any distractions.
We should not procrastinate.
We have to come for a solid commitment for 20 hours for any damn skill learning. Any skill can be learned in only 20 hours if your desire is unshakable.

31 Execute execute execute
Execution is the only way to achieve success. We plan too much in meetings & thought process. But we have to take action on any plan otherwise you can not succeed.
Basically we have to plan any strategy then execute it with wholehearted efforts to get success in life.

So it is very clear that to be successful we have to plan & then execution is main way to completion of any task.
One very good saying is
Without knowledge action is useless & knowledge without action is futile”.

32. Learn learn and learn

We can learn anything in life. It only depends on your desire. Whenever there is a will there is away. Everyone has life experience. It may be technical, financial or self-development. Everyone is learning. The author has 39 years of experience in textiles. After passing out from textile engineering college. I did many things during so many years. After going through various stages of life, I am fully satisfied the way I lead my life with the corporation of my family members, friends and coworkers. Everybody added value to my life. I tried to give a hundred percent from my side. I am very thankful to my trainers, seniors & colleagues.

Guys you will be surprised to note that I have learnt to motivate people at any level, your team. I am YouTuber, Podcaster, The Author, Blogger & learner at digital marketing.

33. Keep calm
Life gives various lessons. The best lesson of life is to keep calm in every situation. It will resolve all your issues. You are never late this rule life. We can say that you can win in any situation if you are keeping yourself cool and calm.

34. Avoid procrastination :

We should not procrastinate anything in our day to day life. It is delaying our tasks in hand. It is not good at all for our life progress.We need to be sincere. There is old Saying::




I have relied heavily on my thoughts given in as a gift by my Great Parents. My father has been my main hero. I have seen him writing since our childhood. I was not able to do in my early years but the point was always coming in mind that definitely my father’s genes should have inspired me for writing a book. Then I attended some seminars & they hammered to write at least one book on yourself in your life. This ignited super thought to start writing. I am a very positive & contented person but always try to follow NEVER GIVE UP in life strategy. I am thankful to each member of my great combined family.

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Any kind of writing can be an art, but creative thinking is the key. Whether you plan to immerse yourself in writing poetry, believe there’s a novel in you trying to get out, or are simply tackling an essay or a blog post, your creative thinking and skill can combine to turn it into a work of art.

In the last 2 years I have gone through 35 books of nonfictional category. This has changed my entire thinking. Now I have thought to do something good for masses without any expectation. I would like to thank all my books authors especially CalNewport.com,jamesclear.com,robinsharma.com

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