Why should we not compare with others#wondertips

Comparision is the main reason that stops you from being you. We are a whole different personality, and there are significant things that make us different from others. Now, if we compare ourselves with other people, we are persuaded automatically to be like them. What’s the point of our existence then.

If we can’t support and accept who we are as a person, what’s the meaning of our lives and our own personalities then. Obviously, there are people better and worse than us, we can never be on the top of all ever in our lives. So, why not accept our personality, realize our lives and live with contentment?We are best .We can keep going without comparison.

There’s no point of comparision because everyone is born different and have different abilities. Instead of comparing, we should focus on what works for us and what are the things we are comfortable with. Cherishing our own lives is a very meaningful task that brings you your peace. Comparision issues are with everyone. And, it’s totally normal to have that. But, this doesn’t bring in any happiness, only the consequences you face at last are insecurity, self-doubt, depression etc.

If we compare ourselves with others, we try to insult our own capabilities which is not worth it. So, better focus on yourself and your life because you have one.#ChanaSoup #ILoveSoup #GoldysTastefulKitchen #Soup #HowTo #DIY #Homemade #Cooking #ILikeCooking #ILoveCooking #Kitchen #Learn #IndianRecipe #Youtube #YoutubeIndia

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