#200:S:Why need to give Importance to habits over Goals

The author is recomending special tips to tell Imprtance to habilts over Goals. After going through Tiny changes, Reamarkable results .Book opened my mind.

Few days ago, I had a very powerful realization while reading a book. With this blog post I hope you feel the same.

The book that I was reading is “Atomic Habits by James Clear”. It had too many powerful ideas that I did recommend it to almost all of my friends.

The 2 most important lessons that I could grasp from the book are:

  1. Don’t focus on Goals (Exactly! I was shocked reading about it too), instead focus on creating systems with good habits. Didn’t follow? Wait, I will explain with an example.
    Example: Suppose your Goal is to clean your house which has been in a pretty bad condition from the last few days. You will realize that after every few days you will need to set this goal again and again because cleaning the house once will not last forever. Whereas the book suggests, suppose you focus on creating a system with rules such as keep the TV remote back from where you picked it, clean utensils after every meal, keep shoes/ slippers in a shoe-rack all the time after each use, collect all your used clothes / socks / undergarments in a basket and wash them every week as per need basis, etc. Such systems ensure that your home is never cluttered, it ensures you never have to create goals like cleaning house ever again because you created a system of mini habits that keep your house clean all the time.
  2. Tiny changes make a huge difference. According to the Author James Clear, if you want to create lasting habits, first focus on your consistence and then increasing the size of your actions. He explains that if you want to develop the habit of Running, what you need to do first thing is run 100 meters every day, or 10 meters if 100 meters is also something that looks like a lot to you, but do it EVERYDAY! If you wish to develop the habit of reading, you should ensure if not 10 pages per day then 1, if not 1 page per day then 1 paragraph, if not 1 paragraph per day then 1 word per day! But again, make sure you do it EVERY SINGLE DAY! And as per your comfort over time keep increasing your daily target from 1 to 2 words, 2 words to a paragraph only as per your comfort without missing a single day. And even if you miss a single day, promise yourself to never let that happen for 2 consecutive days.

    It is as Martin Luther King Jr. had wonderfully said:
    “If you can’t fly, then run,
    if you can’t run, then walk,
    if you can’t walk, then crawl,
    but whatever you do,
    you have to keep moving forward.”

If you buy your own copy of Atomic habits, trust me, you will learn a lot of great lessons.

Last but not the least, I wish to share with you 2 great videos that will help you learn a new way to learn/ master things quickly. And not just quickly, learning in itself is an art. Watch them.

Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.

Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.

This article is an excerpt from Atomic Habits, my New York Times bestselling book.

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Stop Making New Goals—Create Habits Instead

Stop Making New Goals—Create Habits Instead |

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